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Hi everyone! How are you all today?

My name is Jennifer and I sell Younique makeup. I sell this over on my facebook page, and on my Younique Seller’s Page, which the links can be found in the side bar. If you join my facebook group, this is where I add my special offers. I plan on using this blog as a way of reviewing items on my website. Don’t worry, I will be completely unbiased, and be honest about all items.

This week, I wanted to share my favourite item; the Moodstruck Epic Mascara.

I have the skimpiest, most broken lashes imaginable, brought on from years of rubbing my eyes. My lashes aren’t in the best condition! So when I buy a new mascara, I want it to be lengthening and not create a spidery lash look. And since I get quite watery eyes from hayfever, I also want something water resistant.

Younique describes this mascara as:

For a look as timeless as you are. MOODSTRUCK EPIC mascara is a multi-effect wonder, adding proven volume, length, and clump-free curl. The brush features intermingling high and low density bristles that grip lashes at their root, maximizing definition and volume, and the tapered tip allows for defining and thickening even your tiniest, hard-to-reach lashes with precision and control. This easily buildable formula also acts as the perfect first step for our MOODSTRUCK 3D FIBER LASHES+ lash enhancer for the most extreme eyelashes ever.


Pretty incredible claims right? I got this in my starter kit alongside the 3D Mascara and a lash serum, and I couldn’t wait to try this out. I had seen so many of my colleagues before and after photos, and I wanted to see mine.

The mascara retails at £19, which is similar priced to a lot of high end mascaras. And you get a reasonable amount in the tube; 8.9ml.

So what is it like?

I have been using this mascara everyday for the past four months and I love it. All the claims are true. I use this alongside the Lash Serum, which has dramatically improved the condition of my eyeashes.

With one coat you get beautiul, long, fluttery lashes. I have tested the clump-free claim on numerous occassions, applying up to 6 layers of mascara to my lashes. They don’t go crusty, or clump up. My lashes continue to look amazing no matter how much product I apply.

Another amazing thing about this mascara is it’s longevity. Because my eyes are watery, I tend to find that most mascaras, even those claiming to be waterproof, will smudge or crumble on my face. I have applied this at the start of the day, and it will be the only thing still on my face at the end of the day, as flawless as it was first applied!

Although, Younique have never once stated that this is a waterproof formula, I have worn this during a sad film and it will not budge! I would honestly buy this mascara just for this reason. It has been a life-saver during hayfever season!

Collage 2018-08-05 12_39_23.jpg

So I can finally add my mascara selfies to the mix. I love this mascara, and if I could join this company and only sell this, I would. I think it is amazing.

If you would like to purchase this mascara from me, you can find my website here. Feel free to join my facebook page. If I have any special offers for the mascara, this is where I will post them.

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.

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