It’s a Kind of Magic!



I have a confession to make….

I rub my eyes as if it’s a sport. There’s no better feeling than rubbing your eyes until they water! It removes that gritty feeling that a long day can give and immediately hydrates your eyes if they feel dry… admittedly, not in the healthiest of ways!

Unfortunately this habit has left my lashes in a right state. They are short, fall out easily and are quite gappy. Not many mascaras could save my pitiful lashes.

Once again, I received the Lash Serum in my starter kit and began using it every morning alongside my skincare items. I’ve always been a bit sceptical of serums, believing them to be expensive fads. It’s a step that you don’t really need, but beauty companies trick you into thinking this item will give you new skin. However, I decided to give it a go.

This serum retails at £33 and claims to increase your lash volume by 39% in 28 days.

Not my image! I wish that my lashes looked that lovely on day 1!

I genuinely wish that I had a before shot of my lashes before using this stuff. I genuinely had horrible little lashes. My naughty eye-rubbing habit had left them a right sorry state.

I’ve been using the serum now for just over 4 months, and has it made a difference?



Although not the luscious thick Instagram worthy lashes of most Younique Presenters, I have noticed a dramatic improvement. My lashes are all the same length with no huge gaps in my lash line. There is also a bit more length to them too!

I used to feel quite embarrassed selling the Epic Mascara, stating that it lengthened so much, but on my pathetic lashes it looked average. Honestly guys, that is lengthening; it made my lashes look normal! Which is pretty miraculous! However, I took this photo a few weeks ago and I can’t believe the difference!


Are those eyelashes creeping over my hooded eye line? Yes, I believe they are!

It did take a tad longer than 28 days for my lashes to show a dramatic difference. But I do feel that this was due to the awful state of my eyelashes. I have seen team mates who have given this a proper 28 day challenge, and reported their results. It is a wonder product!

The serum itself is very thin and watery, so it will last a really long time. I apply this like a mascara, although it does tell you to apply to the top of your lashes. Oops! But each to their own!

Is this something that I will buy again? Yes, I probably will, but my tube of magic lash serum is holding out strong; it could be a while until I need to repurchase this.

Is this something that you can see yourself using? If it is, you can purchase your own tube of Lash Serum here. If you have tried it, leave your thoughts in the comments.

Have a lovely day guys, and take care!

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