Top 7 Single Pressed Shadows

Hi everyone, I’m back. My blogging has taken a bit of a back-seat lately, but I’m planning on trying to get at least 1 new post out each week. This may extend to 2 if I can keep up with the new schedule.

One of my favourite things to experiment with is eyeshadow, and it has taken a really long time to fill up my 25-palette with all of the gorgeous shades in it. I have 23 Younique Single Pressed Shadows and 2 Anastasia Single Pressed shadows.

Today I wanted to share my 7 favourite shadows in the palette. And I will share a few looks using them along the way. As you can tell, this palette is well loved and I have used every shadow in it countless times by now!


Gentle is a gorgeous colour to wear swept across the lid for a super shimmery natural look. Or, and how I mostly wear it, I will use this as an inner corner highlight or brow bone highlighter. It is such a pretty shadow and holds such a glossy, intense crystal-like effect. It is gorgeous!


If I could pick one shade to be my favourite, it would be Fervent. This is the perfect warm crease shade. I have worn this in pretty much every eye look since receiving it. It really flatters any eye shade. It blends out beautifully and lasts all day. For people who are experimenting with smoky eye looks, this also looks amazing teamed up with Gentle for a gorgeous warm smoky eye look.


Who remembers MAC’s Cranberry eyeshadow? This shade is identical, but packs twice the pigment without the fallout. Seriously, this shade is stunning! I do apply all my shimmer shadows wet these days, but I honestly don’t have to with Ostentatious. It is such a rich berry shade that can really make any eye colour stand out. I tend to wear this swept all over the lid with a hint of Fervent in my crease.


Unabashed is the perfect coppery gold shade. I love it! I have used this on its own or as the main shade in a smoky eye look. My favourite look using this shade as of late was using Gentle and Ostentatious on the lid then blending these two shades together with Unabashed. It helped two very different shades blend seamlessly. And yes, Fervent was in this look too!


And now the bright blue enters the picture. I think if Mark could pick one shade for me to wear for the rest of my life, it would be blue. Even though I have blue eyes, I love wearing this shade. There is something about this shade that actually compliments them rather than making them look dull. It is the exception to the colour wheel! And there really is only one acceptable way to wear this…. swept across the lid!


Whereas Fervent is my statement crease shade, I use Gingerly as a transition shade. It is so soft and such a beautiful warm brown. It really helps all other shades perform their best. Gingerly is one of those statement shades that constantly gets used in my makeup looks, but rarely gets any recognition.



I’m going to end things on a slightly boring note with Discreet. But without this shade, none of my eyeshadow looks would blend out as well as they do. Discreet is that bone shade that I believe every palette should have. I use this shade daily as a way of setting my eye primer into place prior to blending out any transition shades or shimmers. It is my perfect base!


What shades would you pick for your palette?

Have a lovely day everyone, and if you would love to purchase any products mentioned in this post, please follow the link here to my sellers page.


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