You*Ology Diary


Hi everyone, how are you?

I have wanted to post this all month! This has been my first month’s experience using You-Ology.

What is You-Ology? It sounds like a Psychological analysis.

Basically, You-Ology is a new skincare system designed by Younique. It involves you creating your own skincare to target your own personal concerns. There are four base products (Cleanser, Serum and Day and Night Cream) that can be personalized, and you do this by picking three boosters for each item. Younique has developed a quiz to help people choose what to include because there are a fair amount to choose from.

youology quiz.png

I have sensitive, combination skin and I told the quiz that I have fine lines and large pores around my nose. I also live in an urban environment. The quiz is pretty simple, and I chose to trust the quiz answers, even thought I was really worried about oil control being in my Day Moisturiser.

I must admit, that I really loved the mixing in of the boosters. I love a good science experiment, and it was pretty fascinating creating my own unique skincare blend. I really couldn’t wait to slap this stuff on my skin!

I decided to wait 3 weeks before sharing my results because I didn’t want to say something was amazing too soon. I may get results straight away, but I wanted to see how hormone changes would affect it, as well as my own health and lifestyle.

So if you would like to see how these four customisable products worked with my skin, keep on reading.


Week 1

Week 1 Mug Shots

Week one was a bit of a rollercoaster ride! I was really ill with a horrible cold so my skin was drier than normal and really dull looking. My cheeks were really red, and it was fine lines galore under my eyes and around my forehead.

I started being consistent with my skincare; using the cleanser and Night Cream on an evening, and then the Cleanser, Serum and Day Moisturiser in the morning. The products do feel nice. I did get a bit of a tingle the first few times using the Serum, and my guess is that that comes from the brightening or glow boosters. However, that did stop around day 4.

Some positives that I have noticed straight away is a reduction in the redness around my cheeks and chin; it’s still there, but there is less of it. My skin definitely has much more of a glow to it, and it looks plumper and more hydrated. My fine lines have reduced around my eyes and forehead. Yes, they’re still visible but they look less noticeable.

I have noticed however, milia forming around my cheeks and a few spots forming around my nose. These came around the time of the tingle, and seemed to have reduced as I have continued to use the products. I think that this could be a hormonal thing, or it could just be my skin getting used to something new. I’ll have to see what happens next week.


Week 2


As for week 2, there haven’t been any dramatic changes. My skin has just continued to improve. The redness in my skin has reduced significantly and my skin feels more hydrated; it certainly has a glow to it now that it didn’t at the start.

There was actually one day where I left the house with just mascara and lipgloss because my skin looked so good!

Guys, I think that I love this skincare!


Week 3


Week 3 is the reason why I wanted to test this out for a whole month (I will be testing beyond this post). My cold has come back with a vengeance, and my skin took a beating! With the constant nose blowing and lack of sleep through the worst cough of my life, my red dry skin has returned slightly and I do look tired. However the Replenishment boosters are doing their job and getting my skin back to normal; the redness is beginning to reduce again.

My skin has still got a glow to it and my lips are definitely not as dry. The fine lines around my eyes and forehead are also almost non-existent. I’m still really impressed with the results. I can’t wait to see what sort of results I’ll get it as I continue to use this system!




So those are my results from my first 3 weeks of using You-Ology. I will continue to record any changes over the upcoming weeks, and if there are any updates, I will report back. Overall, I have loved the difference that this skincare range has made to my skin. It has reduced my redness, and my skin just seems in a much healthier condition.

If you would love to give this a try, you can take the quiz and pick your products on my website, here.

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.

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