Splash Liquid Lipsticks Review

Hi everyone, how are you today?

Today I wanted to do a quick review of Younique’s Splash Liquid Lipsticks. I sell quite a few of these on my website, and I haven’t had any complaints about them yet. However, for anyone who still is a bit dubious about these lipsticks, let’s get down to business.

The Splash Liquid Lipsticks are described as:

Glides on easily for a smooth application

Velvety, blendable, buildable coverage increases in intensity with more application, yet remains lightweight on lips

Formulated with a luscious cocktail of vitamins C and E

Supremely pigmented for extra bold color

A special precision applicator makes for easy application

Formulated without oil, parabens, alcohol, or fragrance.

They normally retail at £21, but they are available in the Kudos this month with two other products for £62, which saves you 20% of the total retail price.

So are the claims true? The dove-foot applicator is pretty similar to most liquid lip products, so you can get the precise line at the edge of your lips. The formula is a very mousey texture, and unlike the traditional liquid lipstick. The most similar formula I can compare it to is Bare Minerals Gen Nude Liquid Lip Collection. The texture of the product does make it glide on really easily, but it will smudge if you’re not careful. I tend to wipe off the excess product and apply it with a lip brush. I get the same even layer, but it won’t apply as thick to create that temptation for the product to smudge. I learnt this the hard way by not checking my face when I got into work, and then walked around with what looked like chocolate all over my face all morning. Whoops!

The mousey texture also means that it isn’t a drying formula. I struggle with traditional liquid lip formulas as they really suck out any moisture that may be lurking around my lips and they dry them out. I’ve had to throw out many a lovely shade for this reason! The Splash formula doesn’t dry my lips out but with a thin layer of product, it still dries down like a traditional liquid lip.

As for pigmentation, the shades are stunning. You have everything from nudes to dark plum shades. There’s even a blue if you’re feeling adventurous! I do tend to mix my lipsticks to get customisable shades. The blue shade is actually great to mix in with reds to get a more Gothic look in the winter.

And do they last as long as a traditional liquid lip? As I said previously, these are a mousier texture compared to the likes of Jeffree Star and Kat Von D formulas, so they take longer to dry. Younique actually recommends leaving these up to 1 minute to dry. In my experience, apply thin layers and build up if you want more pigment, but still give each layer time to dry. I have worn these liquid lipsticks up to ten hours with the shade fading only slightly. They last through eating and drinking, and once they dry, they don’t smudge. They are an amazing formula.

Shade: Sentimental

One thing I have noticed, is as they fade, they leave a stain on the lips, which remains even on the lips. They don’t go patchy and weird like some formulas, which is why I love this formula of liquid lipsticks a lot.

If you would like to purchase any of these liquid lipsticks, you can browse the shades and purchase them here.

Thanks again for reading. If you have tried these, I would love to read your reviews in the comments.

Bye for now!


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