What is my Why?

Hi everyone, how are you all today?

I often get asked why I do network marketing. Even though a fair amount of people now use it as a secondary or primary income, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions around it. However, that is for another day. I’m not going to get into the huge debate about pyramid schemes and scams and all that last, badly researched rubbish. I will look into it one day and share my thoughts on that.

So what is my why? Why did I choose to sell makeup online?

I joined Younique in May last year; it’ll actually be my anniversary shortly! At that time I was recently engaged and wanted to save some money away for the wedding. My partner did encourage me to sell, but in hindsight, his prompts were probably quite pushy and it actually pushed me away from doing my full potential for my company. I wasn’t really doing it for me. And frankly, any money I made wasn’t getting put away, I was spending it. Clearly being engaged and saving for a wedding wasn’t a good enough reason to join.

So many of my colleagues have amazing reasons why they continue to be a Younique presenter: their experiences in childhood and support of the Younique Foundation, debt, wanting to be their for their children…. honestly the list is endless, and I have cried over some of their ‘why’ videos.

I just didn’t seem to have a why when I first joined. I suppose I just wanted the makeup.

So time trundled on until April this year, and I finally found my why. Yes, it came almost 1 year into joining but I finally found it.

My relationship with my partner broke down. I’d been really unhappy in the final months of the relationship, and although I felt some relief over it ending, I still felt quite sad that I was losing a major part of my life. Who was I outside of a relationship? I think I’d lost that in the last few years. And I found her pretty quickly thanks to the strong women in my life. My Mam was a huge support, and thank God my room was still there at home! My work colleagues were also amazing and offered their own… um…colourful advise for how to cope after the end of a relationship.

However one of the biggest supports came from my team, The Bombshells. We have all had very unique experiences that led us where we are, and this group of women gave me the confidence to find myself again and feel happy being single and loving life. Makeup Salespeople can often get a very undeserved reputation of being bitchy and out for themselves. I have genuinely never found that. My team has always supported each other, and picked each other up when we’re feeling low. It’s a great feeling when your have like-minded people around you helping you with your business and your personal life.

So my why is to find myself. My confidence has taken such a massive blow and I need to find that person again who feels confident to discuss her business and sell the amazing items available on the website. I know they’re great, but the way I present them at the moment makes me look unsure. I need to learn how to project my own excitement to others, and I know that I can do that with the support of my team, my friends and my family. But most importantly, I can do that for me. I want to be a person that people want to be around; a person that isn’t a shrinking violet, hiding in the corner, praying that she won’t be pulled into a conversation. I want to be a fun person who thrives on conversation and loves being around people. This company truly helps women find themselves, and I can’t wait to see how I grow as a person over the next few years.

And that, my friends, one year later after joining, is my why. This is why I have stayed a Younique presenter, and why I intend to remain one.

Thank you for listening to my rant guys. Take care, and I’ll see you next time.

Bye for now!


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