My Everyday Makeup Products


Hi everyone! How are you all today?

Today I wanted to share the items that I reach for everyday; my ride or die products, if you would. I do have a little routine where I change things up regularly, to make sure that my makeup looks don’t get boring or stale, but these products tend to form the base of my makeup, no matter what changes I make.


I use primer everyday. I do find that it does make a difference as I get very fine lines around my eyes and mouth now that I am in my 30’s. The Younique Glorious Primer does such an amazing job at creating the perfect base for my makeup. It reduces the pores around my nose, and blurs out those fine lines, creating the illusion of younger, healthier skin. I also find that if I do have dry, rough patches on my face, this primer helps foundation blend over those patches much easier, making them less prominent throughout the day. I am on my third tube of this stuff; I use it religiously.

As I mentioned earlier, I have dry skin, which can become red and angry looking. Seriously, I could give the Anger emotion from Inside Out a run for his money when my skin gets dry and sensitive! With this being the case, I go through phases of needing full coverage or medium coverage. So depending on how my skin is behaving, I go between the full coverage Younique Touch Mineral Foundation or the lighter Younique BB Complexion Enhancer Gel. Both are amazing and give decent coverage, and hide the things that I want to hide. They are both great for sensitive skin too; I’ve never had any bad reactions to these two products. PLus, on drier days, I tend to mix them to get the coverage of Touch and the hydration of BB. On a regular day, I can trust these two products to stay put all day.


I am one of those people who hates thick foundation looks, so on days where I skin is really sensitive, and redness is poking through my foundation, I won’t layer up my foundation. One layer is enough for me! For those cheeky little patches of redness I apply concealer. The one that I use at the moment is the Younique Stay Perfect Concealer. Believe it or not, this full coverage concealer is amazing underneath the eyes. It warms up really well and blends out beautifully, removing any dark circles underneath the eyes; and when you’re up at 5am ready to start a long day, this is a Godsend! I tend to blend this out with a sponge, but you can easily use a brush or your fingers.

Another step I stick to religiously is setting cream products down with a powder. I get an oily t-zone and if I don’t set my foundation and concealer, they will wear away in a hot minute. For setting powder I love the Younique Behold Translucent Setting Powder. It is really finely milled so it doesn’t feel chalky or thick on the skin. This creates the perfect layer to set all your cream products in place before going in with your powders. I love it!


As for the colour products, I have two items that I love reaching for at the moment. I purchased the Benefit Cheekleader Bronze Squad Palette a few months ago and it has everything in there that I would need to apply some colour to my face. I have my bronzer, contour, blush and highlighter in here, so if I’m in a rush, it’s great that I don’t have to go rummaging around trying to find 3 different items to create some colour and definition to my round head. The shades blend out beautifully, and all pans are full sized, which is great! My other item is a blush, which you will have heard me mention a few times; Younique’s Pressed Blush in Supple. I adore this shade, and I love coral tones at this time of year. This is really pigmented however, so you only need the tiniest amount of product before you apply it!

Brows have become a really important step for me. Being fair haired, my brows look non-existent without a pencil going through them! And I need brows! At the moment, I have been loving the Fleur de Force Brow Pencil. It is double ended so you can blend lighter and darker tones to make the brow hairs more natural. It is surprisingly long-lasting too!


I do say that one item of makeup that I could not leave the house without is Mascara. On days where I don’t wear eyeshadow, a few coats of mascara make a massive difference! And my ride or die mascara is the Younique Epic Mascara. I go between the Brown and Black Waterproof, depending on how intense my shadow looks are, but both are amazing. They are near the end of their life these days, so I do need to warm up the tubes before I apply, but they still perform brilliantly. This is by far, my favourite mascara! Nothing has compared to it so far.

The final thing that I’m going to mention as a daily product is lipstick. I prefer a traditional lipstick to liquid lipsticks just because I love that glossy, shiny look. The one I reach for the most is a shade called Affluent from Younique’s Opulence Lipstick collection. I love a few of the shades, but for a day-to-day look, I love the neutral shade Affluent. It is stunning! The formula for these lipsticks is so hydrating and creamy, it really helps when you suffer from dry lips.

And that is everything that I use on a daily basis. What items do you use everyday? I’d love to hear how different our routines are.

Have a lovely day guys, and take care!


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