4D Epic Mascara Review


Hi everyone, how are you?

Who’s ready to learn more about the mascara that broke the internet?

I’m not kidding- this bad gal sold out in 3 hours! Forbes once said, “The best time to join a company is when they are in the midst of a global expansion or a new product launch.” Well Younique has just expanded it’s market to Austria and Belgium, and they launched a new product. If this isn’t a great time to join Younique, when is?

Younique’s OG product was the 3D Fibre mascara; a two-step system for building up longer lashes. It’s the product that launched thousands of businesses. However, it’s now retiring.

In it’s place we are getting it’s steroid-ridden little sister. 4D Epic is a one-step fibre infused mascara. The fibres build upon the lashes that are already there, and will make your lashes look better than wearing falsies. Now, for someone who hates the feel of false lashes on her eyes, I couldn’t wait to get hold of mine!

This mascara costs £23, and it looks really chic. It’s in a gorgeous metal purple tube, and feels really sturdy. You can’t really see the fibres in the mascara unless you look really hard. Unlike the 3D mascara, these fibres are tiny and lock into the mascara to work at their best. The fibre’s are a ‘Y’ shape to help them lock together, lengthening and building up volume without the clumps.


It made such bold claims, and the images of people already using it just hyped up my need for this even more. When I got it, I felt a little underwhelmed. I just seemed to get the same results as my usual Epic. Do I just have crap lashes, or was it the mascara.

Turns out, it was neither of those things. It was my method. Luckily, Amy, one of our green status presenters got the 4D a few weeks before us and had the method perfected to help the rest of us.

With a regular mascara, I just wiggle the product up the lash. With 4D, to get all the fibres onto your lash and prevent any clumping, you wiggle at the root of the lash then twist it up the lash as if you’re rolling a pencil in your fingers. This way, every single fibre on the wand is being put to use on that eye. It took some practice, but I think I finally have the hang of it!

Before and after night shift. 12hrs!!

As a lot of you know, I love the original Epic for it’s longevity and lack of clumping up. Is this mascara long lasting? Yes it is!

In normal weather conditions for people who have normal skin, this is water resistant. The only condition where I have noticed this to wear away is in a situation where you are literally dripping with sweat; and I mean dripping! Normal workouts are fine; it’ll stay put. This is where you feel like you’ve been doused in warm water. Gross image, right? It’s happened to me twice. That’s the only times that I’ve noticed my mascara fading. Every other situation, it lasts on my eyes, until I’m ready to remove it.

I honestly love this mascara, and it truly is worth all of the hype it has received. it holds a curl on my super straight lashes, it lengthens my little stumps called lashes and it volumises a lot! Seriously, my lashes look tons thicker.

You can still place orders for this on the website and be placed on a waiting list. Stock is expected on the 7th June, and all orders will be shipped out then. You can place any orders here. It’s also available in this month’s kudos, if you fancy a few more eye products at a 20% saving.

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.

Bye for now!


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