Going Back to my Makeup Roots


Hi everyone! How are you all today? I hope you’re well.

Up here in the North east, the weather has been fantastic! We’ve has glorious sunshine most of the time, which if you’re familiar with the North, doesn’t happen that often!

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my foundations staying put for a long time on my skin. Since losing weight, I have noticed that I sweat more than usual; which could be due to the amount of water that I’m drinking these days! Unfortunately, this has made my skin more oily than normal and my makeup isn’t staying still for long. I’ve had some quite embarrassing situations at work where my “long-lasting” claims appear to be lies. Try telling people that this isn’t normal when you’ve just handed the catalogues for the foundation and mascara out to your colleagues. I know that these products are long-lasting. What my skin is doing at the moment isn’t normal, and I really hope it stops once my body is in a healthier balance.

It has made me reach for other products in my collection though, just to see if any other Younique Foundations will work with the current situation going on in my skin. The one I reached for was the Younique Loose Powder Foundation.

When I first started getting into makeup properly, I was obsessed with the Bare Minerals Original Foundation, and this reminds me so much of that product.

To apply, I first used my usual Glorious Primer, however from experience, powder foundations and tacky primers don’t mix. They tend to cling to the wetter areas. So I used a light layer of the Behold setting powder followed by the foundation and another layer of setting powder. Oila! The foundation sandwich is back!

I found that by using the powder this way, it lasted a really long time and the weird sweating issue wasn’t much of a bother. Maybe the extra blending and buffing really melted the product into my skin. I went for a walk at one point of the day, and it did get sweaty; seriously the sun has been so hot! However, apart from natural fading, the sweat didn’t seem to move the product about as much.


Yes, there was natural fading through eating and me scratching my nose (bloody hayfever!), but overall, my makeup still looked pretty awesome at the end of the day. I’m really impressed.

I never thought that a loose mineral foundation would be sweat proof! I guess I know what I’ll be reaching for this Summer!

What is your sweat-proof foundation?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care!


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