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What is In My Makeup Draw?


Hi everyone! How are you all today?

I’m feeling really good lately, and I hope you all are too.

Today, I wanted to share with you how I set up the makeup that I plan on using throughout the next month. I tend to change things up every month to make sure I don’t get bored of one particular item, and to keep my routine fresh and exiting.

Over June, these are the items that I plan on using throughout the next month; hopefully there’ll be a few pans hit by July; you never know!


So, since moving back in with my parents, I don’t have a massive dressing table that I can use for makeup anymore (that’s currently got my stationary and clothes in it). Therefore, I had to do a massive purge and make sure that my makeup fits into the plastic containers below. I purchased these from the B and M quite cheaply; I think the most expensive thing was £5 for the top portion. Everything fits really nicely underneath my dressing table, and I can lift off the top portion easily to do my makeup. It feels so much better organised, and I feel like my makeup can breathe a little better. Everything is getting a fair use these days.

I am only concentrating on the top portion for today’s post, but if you would like a full collection post or video, I can do that.

I have everything sorted by portion of the face; eyes, lips, base and colour. I tend to keep one or two shades of everything (except lippies) to ensure that everything gets a fair use throughout that month.


In the bottom drawer, I keep my glosses and liquid lipsticks. As we are coming into June, I have picked brighter tones such as orange, pink and red. There is the occasional nude to wear during work, but I do tend to reach more for the brighter shades in the Summer months. I do have two lipsticks in here where the barrels are just too wide for the lipstick portion on the top.


In the next drawer up, I have the colourful face items such as blush and highlighter. I am trying to use liquid highlighters more, and the powder highlight that I’ve picked works really well with this liquid. As for blush, I have picked a neutral and two brights. I doubt that I’ll ever hit pan on the bright blush; it’s huge! Seriously, I wear this almost daily and it still looks good as new!


The next two drawers are for my liners and larger brow products. They are separated into eyes and lips, although when Laura visits, these can get jumbled! The lip drawer contains every single lip liner that I own, so this drawer never changes. In the case of the eyeliners and brows, I do change this up every now and again, but I do prefer certain brow products above others, so I will tend to only change this when my current brow products that I love run out.


Now the top portion is where I keep my base products and mascaras. Each is separated neatly in it’s own section and I know exactly where each thing is to try and cut the time down when I get ready in the morning. AS for the lipstick portion, I try to make sure that I have a good mix of lipsticks shades that will work well with the liquid lippies and glosses in the drawer below. For June, again I have a good mix of brights and neutrals. The darker plums have been exiled for the time being; they will get their moment in the Autumn months!

So that is how I sort my makeup. How do you have your collection arranged?

Have a lovely day!


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