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Hi everyone, how are you?

Today, I wanted to step away from the makeup posts and share a bit more about my fitness journey.

As of late, I have been losing weight consistently since starting weightwatchers, but I have said on a number of occasions that this isn’t my first time using this plan to lose weight. There are other factors in play this time that are helping me. Maybe it’s focus, maybe it’s a big fuck you to everyone who’s called me fat or ugly over the years; I don’t know. I would love to think that it’s focus though!

As some of you may know, Weightwatchers does have an app now; I mean, what doesn’t have an app these days?? And that helps a lot to help me track my points and calculate foods that I’m unsure of the pointage. It’s also how I discovered a few other things that I’ll mention later in this list. It’s a great resource.

However there are other apps and items that I use to help me stay focused and make losing weight, and keeping fit fun.

My Fabulous Planner

I bought this on ebay after it showed up in a Weightwatcher’s magazine. I love tracking and writing things down, and this journal is amazing! I have pages for my goals, my fitness and my measurements. It’s brilliant having all of my successes in one place, and I can see how well I’ve done even if the scales didn’t show it that week.

This company’s Instagram feed is fantastic! The owners of the company are amazing. They leave great advise and love reading about your success. I haven’t had a single comment that they haven’t replied to.

They do have these available for Slimming World too, if you are following that plan instead.

Wireless Headphones

For anyone out there who does a lot of jogging or gym workouts, how annoying are wires on headphones? Seriously, I got so sick of my earphone getting pulled out if they snagged on something in my bag! I finally invested in some wireless ones, which have a tiny wire that goes behind my neck. This leaves my phone free to rattle about in my bag with my water and purse. And my headphones stay snug in my ears where they belong.

Mine are from J-Lab, and I paid £15 at sainsbury’s for them. Honestly, they’re amazing. The charge on them lasts for days if I remember to switch them off!


For £13.99 a month, this app if worth every penny! I first came across it on the weightwatchers app (there are a few free ones to use on there. On the actual aaptiv app, you get more workouts with various genres of music. And there are various workouts depending on what you like to do; treadmill, strength, outdoor running, yoga…. there’s loads. There’s even a meditations section which I use on an evening to help me sleep.

I am working on a best of Aaptiv list, but I’m still listening to various different workouts. This will take a while to complete! But for now, I love Jaime, John, Katie and Rochelle’s workouts.

One thing I will mention is the Team aaptiv page. It’s like a facebook status but for people using the app. You can post your workouts or even an update on your weightloss. The community is so positive; I love it.

So those are three of my favourite things that I use to help aid my weightloss. If there is anything that you enjoy using, let us know. I am open to trying new things.

Have a lovely day guys, and take care!

Bye for now!


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