Weight Loss

This Goddess Gets Thinner!


Hi everyone! How are you?

Okay, I’m actually finding this post quite scary, because I’m sharing my before and after photos.

Last week, I shared the rollercoaster ride that has been my attempt to lose weight over the past 10 years. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on that post; your support means the world to me! I can’t thank you all enough.

One of the things that I have found to have helped me lose weight this time around; besides a great support network and exercise; is having goals.

I’m not talking about the big endgame goal of reaching a size 14. I’m talking about the tiny little goals that help me reach that big one. We all need those because the big one always sounds like it’s so far away and near impossible. By having tiny little goals that lead up to the biggie, our overall goal seems more manageable.


Now, weightwatchers has a tiny incentive to keep us focused…. the cute little keyrings. When you reach a certain weightloss goal, you get a new token for your key ring. So far, I have 2; the 7lb and 14lb one. I think the next one is for 25lb.

But I wanted a different goal for myself. I told myself that when I lost my first stone, I would buy myself a new top or dress. Well, in the second week of June, I hit that goal and bought myself a new top.


I love Izabel clothing and have wanted to treat myself to something for ages. Well, this top only cost me £20 at Debenhams and my biggest surprise came with the size.

I have been a size 22 for a fair few years now. So I expected to have only gone down to a size 20. That was too baggy….. I am now a size 18!! I am so happy! I honestly couldn’t believe it when I tried this top on.

So what is my next goal?

My friend’s wedding is in September. I want to lose another stone before then. That gives me 3 months to shift that weight. On average I seem to be losing 2lb a week at the moment. That may ease up eventually and I’ll start losing halves and 1lb’s, but at the moment, I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I can lose another 14lb before September. I want to look amazing in my bridesmaid dress.

I honestly have no idea why my focus has changed this time round. But whatever has shifted in my brain, I’m loving it, and I hope it sticks around until I reach that ultimate goal.

Bring it on!

Thanks for reading my rambles guys. Have a lovely day, and take care.

Bye for now!


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