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Non-Scale Victories

Hi everyone!

I am someone who has struggled with her weight through most of her teen years and her twenties. And since my weightwatchers coach has banned us from calling ourselves “fat” I’m going to say that I was always cuddly.

I have mentioned a few times recently that this isn’t my first time using Weightwatchers as a weightloss aid. Overall, this is probably my fifth signup. And honestly, there was never anything wrong with those older weightwatchers systems, the problem was me. I wasn’t motivated and just couldn’t be bothered to count and calculate points.

However here I am at attempt 5, and something finally clicked. I am finally losing weight. At this moment, I am almost at my 20lb pre-Bridesmaid goal 2months and 15 days earlier than I anticipated.


But I’m not here to talk about weight goals today. Today, I wanted to talk about non-scale victories.  There have been weeks where I have stayed the same, and in the past, I probably would have cried and hit the ice cream and chocolate. However, I’m starting to look at the wider picture.

I’ve got into the habit of taking a full length selfie of myself every few weeks, but I’ve never put them all together before. And even though the scales were telling me that I’d lost 18lb, I still didn’t really feel like I’d achieved that much. I still felt enormous. It wasn’t until I saw these two images where I had the same t-shirt on that I thought “Wow!”


My non-scale victory has been the fact that I have lost 9cm off my waist. It doesn’t really seem that much until you see the before and after photo. Or at least that’s how it felt to me. It completely floored me seeing how far I’d come in just 16 weeks!

My other non-scale victory is my mental health. As some of you know, I suffer General Anxiety Disorder and have gone to therapy for this in the past. It started to rear it’s ugly head again when I was in my relationship, and the few months after. However since using the outdoor workouts and meditation sessions on Aaptiv, my mental health has greatly improved. I feel happy, and I haven’t felt happy in a long time! I finally feel in control of my life, and I love where it’s heading.


My advise for anyone trying to lose weight, don’t always go on the scales. What other changes have you noticed. Set yourself a non-scale goal and feel awesome when you hit it.

Have a lovely day everyone, and take care. I’d love to hear your non-scale victories.

Bye for now!


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