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Inside my Fab Journal


Hi everyone, how are you?

I’ve had a couple of questions about the journal I use to log my weight loss journey; mainly from my Weightwatchers group, but I do think that this company deserves more credit for their beautiful weight loss journals.

I love tracking things; I always have. I’m such a green personality! I like to have something physical to look at, to show how far I’ve come from the unhappy person I was before all this taking control of things happened. I also prefer something physical to do rather than click a few buttons on an app; popping stickers on a chart, colouring pages, number charts…. I love it! I am in my element if I see these things!

I also love pretty things, and good grief this journal is pretty. I love the flamingos theme and the bright pastel shades of each page inside. It screams feminine. There are so many weight journals available on the market, and I’ve used a fair few. Honestly though, I found them boring and not really what I was after. I didn’t want a food tracker, which is what the majority of journals out there were. I’ve got my weightwatchers app for that. What I wanted was something I could track the other little bits such as the weight loss and my exercise.

I came across Fabulous Planning on Instagram. Another weightwatchers member had posted a photo and I loved the layout. I found them on Ebay and purchased my original diary. This was one of the little book versions. This one was awesome, but I did decide when it came to repurchasing that I wanted the A5 file. Yeah, it’s pricier but you can buy refills at a lower cost and replace the inside of your journal.

The Fab planners aren’t just available for weightwatchers. You can also get them customised for Slimming World and calorie counting. The owner of the company is so bubbly and lovely; she always posts some inspirational stuff on her Instagram.

So what can you find inside a Fab Planner? You can customise them and add your own little bits that work for you, which I find works really well for me. All the inserts are relatively cheap too.


The journal itself is really well made, and is quite a robust material. There is a space to keep my weigh-in book and ID card, rather than needing to go on a hunt around my bags to find out where I left it. The pages inside are also really good quality. They feel quite thick, and aren’t likely to rip any time soon.

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Some of the initial pages in the journal are goals pages. I have mine near the front, so that I can find them easily and look at them everytime that I need a boost of confidence.  I love the Before and After page. I see that photo and I just never want to get to that weight again. I feel like some of these goals have been achieved, and I want wait to set myself some new ones in the next few weeks.

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Okay, if you’re like me and love to track your progress, you’ll love the next set of pages!

There are various ways to track different aspects of your success, and I love them all! Lorna, my Weightwatchers rep has always said to never go on just the numbers on the scales; you may have had a little win in another area. Maybe you lost inches off your waist but stayed the same weight this week. I never measured myself prior to starting this journal, and I’m so glad that I did. It’s shown me how far that I’ve come since that Before picture. I still see the fat girl in the mirror and I hope that by continuing to track my inch-loss as well as my weight loss, I’ll start to see what everyone else sees.

One of the expansions packs I bought was the achievement pages. There are 12 pages where you can write any win that you want; it doesn’t have to be weight loss related. I have everything from getting a job interview to trying on a size 16 top! And of course, I love the sticker rewards!


Now, the other pages that you will receive in the journal are meal tracking pages. These are great because you can set daily goals and track other stuff as well as food. However, I wasn’t using them. I track my food on the Weightwatchers app, so it seemed a bit silly to track everything twice. So I have taken the remaining sheets out and donated them to a friend who has just bought her Fab Planner.

Instead, I’ve started filing my recipe/inspiration cards from the meetings. These cards are fab, but I tend to lose them when they lie loose around the house. So, I’ve used a hole punch to pop some holes in the side, and created a mini recipe book. They fit the journal really well, and I have some nice recipes if my Mam ever lets me cook one day!

So that is my Fab Planner. If you would like to buy one, I have linked the website up above. This was not a sponsored post. I just love these journals and think that the company deserves more love.

If you have used them, let me know. I’d love to know what you use and keep in yours.

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.


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