My New Base

Good morning everyone, how are you?

I’ve been having a bit of a makeover on myself this month. I’ve been playing with my makeup and have discovered that I prefer wearing my makeup a certain way.

For so long, I have been wearing quite full-coverage bases and heavy pore-filling primers from various brands, and there’s just been something that I haven’t quite liked. I am in my 30’s now and have noticed that my foundations like to sit in fine lines and accentuate my age a bit. So, I’ve been shopping and bought a couple of new things.


Firstly, I’ve changed up my skincare completely! Gone is the eye-cream and serums and all the other products that frankly, I don’t need. I now use just three products. To target my fine lines and under eye area, I’ve been using Revolution London’s Matrixyl Serum. I find that something in traditional eye creams (no matter which one) was causing a weird dry patch on my right eye. Since cutting them out completely about 2/3 months ago, that problem has gone! Yippee!!!

Another major change I’ve made is cutting out primers on some occasions. I think it was Scott Barnes who said he never puts primers on his clients, he only uses skin cream. So, I gave it a go and with the foundation that I use, I haven’t missed primers at all. I will whip them out on some occasions but they’re not the everyday necessity that they used to be. For skin cream I use The Body Shop’s Hemp Face Protector on my neck to tackle the icky dry patches there at the moment. On my face I’m using Clinique’s Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly. I love this because it dries down quite tacky so it acts as my skincare and a primer, so I’m not overloading my skin with too many products.


Now that my skincare is in a place that I am loving, I can move onto makeup. For foundation, I am loving a lighter coverage. I find that applying a thinner foundation with a damp sponge looks so pretty and very flattering. Yes, it can still sit in my fine lines, but that will happen with any foundation when you’re past your twenties. With thinner foundations, it just doesn’t happen as often. I actually have a fresh bottle of the Clinique Even Better Glow foundation on standby for when my current one runs out. This is my new favourite foundation. It is so beautiful and glowy! It really flatters the skin and surprisingly lasts all day on the skin. I wear the shade Neutral, if anyone does have a similar skin tone to myself.

As for concealer, I have gone back to an old favourite; Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer. Again, it has a thin consistency so it doesn’t sit too badly in fine lines, and it covers any redness that the foundation can’t. Honestly, this foundation and concealer and a match made in heaven! They are wonderful.

As for setting everything down, I am using The Body Shop’s Pressed Powder, which isn’t my favourite. I do prefer a loose powder, and do have one ready to use once this runs out. It does a good job, but I can think of other powders than I prefer.

Which coverage do you prefer: full or light?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care!


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