Fake vs Real

Hi guys! How are you all today?

I’m never buying cheap things off eBay again! I should have guessed a £9.99 palette would be too good to be true though!

So the story goes that I used to own the Too Faced Natural Love palette a few years ago but ending up selling it for one reason or another. I loved the palette, but I needed the money more at the time. Now, since my circumstances have changed now, I’ve wanted to get my hands on it again. Unfortunately, my local Debenhams no longer sold it. So I went online and trusted that the images on this guy’s eBay page were authentic.


It was a very obvious fake. This person/company had seen an image of the palette and tried to replicate it. But clearly, they were colour blind because it isn’t even a good fake! So I ended up paying a higher price and buying it off another seller (yeah, eBay again). I trusted her selling point of £35 to be more authentic then the £9.99 I had paid for the other one.


Firstly, the packaging of the real palette has textures and has a much softer aesthetic. It looks romantic and pretty. I love the 3D effect on the front. It just looks a lovely palette to have in your collection. And to give the fake it’s due, the packaging is nice. It has the same cardboard, thin feel, and closes with a magnet. However, the colours are slightly off. The writing is printed on the box rather than the felt 3D effect, and also the font is bright fuschia rather than the soft baby pink of the real palette.


Now, originally I wanted to do a comparison on my face to see how the shades compared. However I am not putting the fake on my eyes again! I did get a slight reaction on my right eye when I used the shade Cutie Patootie; it watered a bit and my lid got a tiny bit of texture on it. Never again! Once this post is written, I am binning the fake!

Honestly, there is no comparison in shade quality. The real palette has a variety of shimmers, mattes and glitter. The fake is all mattes with hints of glitter popped in if you’re lucky. Every shade looks the same when it’s applied to the eyes; you get no colour payoff at all.

Real vs Fake: Honey Pot, Bunny Nose and Hot and Bothered

So if this is a lesson for anyone buying a palette on eBay, don’t buy the cheapest one you see, it’s more than likely a fake! Just save up your money, and buy the real deal!

Have you ever purchased a fake palette? What was your experience?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.


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