Early Impressions: Palettes Edition

Hi everyone, how are you today?

As most of you probably know, I’m addicted to palettes. I absolutely love playing around with new colour stories and creating new looks with them. Sometimes I even mix palettes together; my Mam used to do this all the time when I was younger, but for some reason, she tends to stick with one palette at a time now.

Well this month, through a bit of bargain hunting and lucky finds, I’ve purchased four new palettes throughout August….. yeah, four! I didn’t want to do a first impressions post because opinions can change after a few uses, so I decided to wait a few weeks and give my early impressions of each palette.

There are some that I like more than others, but I will explain why as I move through each one. However, in general I do enjoy using them and like each one for various reasons.


The Too Faced Natural Love palette has such a variety of shades in it; it’s a neutral shadow lover’s dream come true. You have everything from cool toned champagne to bold, beautiful bronze shades. There’s a decent mix of both mattes and shimmers; you could easily create a full look with this one colour story.

I have used this palette a few times now, and I have used it in the past before selling my original one. Well, I’m not planning on selling it again! I love the shades and for work, this palette is lovely. The pans pack enough pigment without creating too much fallout (Stilleto is the only shade I have trouble with), and the looks have looked really soft and pretty. I can’t wait to do something a bit more bold on my days off. If you would like to see a look book of eye looks for Natural Love, let me know and I’ll sort it for next month.


One of my favourite palettes was originally the MAC Warm Neutrals palette. I never got my hands on the Cool Neutrals. Well, I was passing the Cosmetics Company Store and they had this available at a reduced price; I think it normally costs £60. I paid £34. Bargain!

So this palette is out of my comfort zone. I definitely wear more warm tones. You get a good mix of mattes and shimmers. I do think the palette is a bit on the pale side for the mattes, and I do need to grab a few darker shades from other palettes to create a full look with this, however the shimmers are lovely. There’s a really pretty peach shade which is gorgeous to highlight the brow bone with. The taupe shade in the middle is really lovely all over the lid too.

This is a really nice palette, but I definitely prefer some of the others here. However, I will still reach for it on occasion. My Mam, may get more use out of it since she wears more cooler tones than me.


I have managed to get some use out of this as promised in my Palettes post earlier in the month. Urban Decay’s On The Run Palette is beautiful and there is a good mix of colour and neutral tones to experiment with. Most of the shades are richly pigmented, and the shimmers look beautiful on the lids. You do need to be careful with the darker shades, however, as they have a lot of fallout! I did find that some of the shades are pressed too hard and don’t give as much colour payoff as I would like. This may just be my palette though. I haven’t heard a lot about this launch on YouTube. Overall though, I do enjoy using this, and plan to continue using it in the future.


The final palette is something that I normally wouldn’t buy. I’m not familiar with Ciatés eyeshadow formula. I do like their nail polishes though! The reason that I bought this was due to logging into O2 Priority and seeing a voucher for this palette. I got it for £18.

The is the Chloe Morello’s Pretty Fun and Fearless: Volume 2 Palette. I love Chloe Morello; she is stunning and the shades that she has picked out for this palette are beautiful. There is a good mix of colour and neutrals. I have reached more for the neutrals however, I do plan on using the green shades at my next opportunity.

This palette isn’t as pigmented as the Too Faced or Urban Decay palettes, however this does work in it’s favour. There isn’t much fallout, if any. The shimmer shades apply lovely with a finger and build up nicely if you do want a bolder lid. The shade Halo is beautiful as an inner corner highlight. It’s so pretty!


So those are four palettes that I have been trying out this month. Which one would you love to try?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.


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