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It’s All in the Lighting

Hi everyone, how are you today?

I have a confession to make…. I’ve never used Face Tune. Part of this is because I’m shit at Photoshop and wouldn’t know how to use it. The second reason is that I don’t like misleading people on the blendability or look of the products on my face. I keep things as close to life as possible. If anything, I’ll put a slight Instagram filter, but this is a rarity.

When I take photos, my greatest weapon is lighting. Not studio lights or bright bedroom lights- these can really warp a photo and in my opinion, they look awful. I always look washed out when I use a flash or a light.

My greatest weapon is natural light. I stand in front of the window in my bedroom or the living room and let the sun work it’s magic. It’s how I’ve been taking all of my blog and Instagram photos. Natural lighting is amazing!

Front Facing Flash

Although this one is passable, with the flash on, my face looks quite washed out and pale. The eyeshadow colours have also been bleached. I also have quite a bright highlighter on, which has disappeared completely in this image.

Room Lights

This image would be binned straight away. The unnatural lighting has caused weird shadows on my face, which makes the makeup look a bit odd.

Natural Light but Looked Directly into Sun

This was by the same window as the first image, and normally I would use this, as my parents bedroom gets lots of natural light. However I was looking directly into the sun, which has caused me to squint. I could have tried a different angle and got a better photo, but for the purpose of the post, I’ll just leave this squinty shot of me here!

Natural Lighting

I have been using the bathroom’s natural light quite a lot lately. The new window lets in a lot of light, and the room decoration keeps the room light all day. It’s a really lovely room to take a photo. In this image, I feel like my makeup is the truest to real life.


Which ones do you prefer?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care!


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