Weight Loss

Why I go to the Gym on Night Shift

Hi everyone, how are you today?

After a good stint of day shifts, I’m finally back on nights…. for two weeks! Oh well, better than nothing!

Last time I was on night shift, I got into a bit of a routine of going to the hospital gym in the middle of the night.





I get this a lot from my colleagues, some of who who would rather chill out on their breaks rather than get sweaty at the gym.

Honestly, having the gym to myself for an hour is lovely. There’s no creepy grunting man pumping the weights. There’s no cardio queens hogging up the treadmills. I can do what I want and have nobody judge me. Yeah, I am aware of the irony there!

Now, I already have all of my work colleagues think that I’m mad going to the gym in the extremely early hours of the morning, but they’re stating to accept that it’s something that I do. I’ve even converted two of them!

But why do I work out in the middle of the night?

Hands up if you do night shifts as part of your role? How much of a struggle can it be to stay awake when you hit that lull at 4am where the clock just will not move forward? Our body just isn’t used to being up all night, and it can do weird things to your physical and mental health. I tend to have issues with my guts (apologies for that mental image). By going to the gym, I find that it helps boost the happy chemicals in my body, which wake me up ready to finish my shift, and stay focused for my patients. I’ve also found that it has helped my gut; exercise has been known to help with certain aspects of that.

On night shift, I do find that my step count isn’t as high as it normally is during a day shift. And this can have a negative impact on my weight loss (I gained the other week). By working out, I am encouraging myself to move about, and will hopefully start losing weight again. Fingers crossed. It worked last time, so here’s hoping that once my body is used to being awake through the night, I’ll see those numbers reduce again.

So that is the reason why I go to the gym during my night shifts. HaveI converted anyone to do the same?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.


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