Aaptiv Workouts That I’m Enjoying

Hi everyone! How are you all today?

I promote Aaptiv on here quite a lot. I promise, I’m not paid by them, I just really love the app and all the workouts on there. It’s absolutely amazing!

I first came across Aaptiv on my Weightwatchers plan. Aaptiv teamed up with Weightwatchers and created a few workouts for people to use on the Weightwatchers app. I would listen to John’s Medium Intensity walking workout and I fell in love with how these trainers motivate you through songs and their positive attitude. So after listening to the same workouts for about 2 months, I bit the bullet and signed up for the Aaptiv app.

I pay £13.99 a month, but there are options if you prefer to pay yearly; and there’s always special offers to reduce the cost. I just pay my monthly fee because it’s easier for me. The app separates their workouts based on type of exercise (Treadmill, Strength, Outdoor Running ect); just pick the type of exercise you want and you’re good to go. There are also some amazing playlists for people who have a goal in mind. I haven’t used these, but there are people in the Facebook groups who swear by these. There’s a great one being launched tomorrow though, which I’m tempted to try.

I have been wanting to create a favourite workouts playlist for a while, and have finally gotten round to it. I tend to stick with Cardio, so this list concentrates on that. I’ve only just started to try out the strength workouts. That’s a list for another time!

Decompress and Relax

Meditation: Jade

This workout has been one that I reach for just before going to bed. It’s just over 30minutes long and it’s perfect for getting you into a chilled out mood ready to sleep. Jade’s voice is so relaxing. I use quite a few of her meditation workouts; another one worth checking out is Taming Emotions. I love that one!

You Decide Who You Are

Treadmill: Kenneth

At the time that I’m writing this, Ken is the newest trainer on the app, and only has four workouts available. This was the first one that I tried of his, and it is tough! You definitely get a workout from it, but it isn’t too extreme that you can’t walk for days afterwards. You get a good sweat going. It’s just over 20mins long, so it’s perfect if you only have a short time to play at the gym. If you like high inclines you will love this; I did have to grip the sides a few times, but I got over it. I’m really looking forward to trying out some more of his workouts; his song choices are awesome.

John’s Friendship Pace Run

Outdoor Running: John

This list would not be complete without the lovely John. He was the reason that I started using Aaptiv, and one of the reasons that I continued. His attitude is so positive and he’s hilarious. He can’t help but sing along to the songs in his playlists. There’s nothing better than working out and suddenly hearing him burst into song or telling you to boogie along to a song that’s playing. This playlist is great, and has a lot of songs that I enjoy; I’m a Pop song girl!

Katie’s Friendship Pace

Outdoor Running: Katie

Katie is the female equivalent of John; she’s such a bundle of positive energy. The songs in this playlist are awesome and upbeat, which will encourage you to walk faster. This is a longer workout too, so it’s perfect if you are on a longer walk. She has song awesome bits of information about friendships during marathon’s too, which I know not everyone will want to hear, but I quite enjoy hearing weird facts like that.

Flying to the 90’s

Outdoor Running: Jaime

Jaime is definitely one of my favourite trainers. I find her quite calming, so I tend to listen to her after a stressful day at work as I walk around Rainton Meadows. This playlist is full of Rock songs from the 90’s. I love it!

So those are five workouts that I have been enjoying on the Aaptiv app. If you do decide to give it a go, look out for me on the Team Aaptiv page and the Facebook page; I post on their all the time.

Have a lovely day guys, and take care!


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