Models Own Liquid Lipstick Review

Hi everyone, how are you today?

It’s been a long while since I last reviewed a lip product, and I bought these on a complete whim a few weeks ago. I bought them at a beauty outlet store near me. I don’t think Models Own is available to buy anymore; I’ve just tried finding their website and it’s disappeared.

So unfortunately, I can’t give too much information about the products, only my own personal experiences.

The packaging is beautiful; it’s in a quite professional looking frosted plastic container, which you can see the colour of the product through. The lids are the traditional white of Models Own.

I have five shades, although I will be going back for more. There were a few of the nudes that I loved the colour of too, but I thought that I would try out these ones first.

Top to Bottom: Candy Cane, Naked, Strawberry Mojito, Kiss, Coral Flash

Swatching these, they look so rich in pigment and very creamy. They look more like the Bare Minerals Gen Nude Liquid Lipsticks and Younique’s Splash Liquid Lipsticks. However, they do dry down to a true matte finish. They look so beautiful.

In general, these are a lovely formula to wear. They do dry down matte, however they don’t feel drying. I can wear these all day without the need to pop a gloss over the top to rehydrate my lips. They feel really comfortable, and they also smell amazing. They smell like peppermint, which is different, but I like it.

Coral Flash and Naked

Candy Cane, Kiss, Strawberry Mojito

Some of the lighter shades need a couple of layers before reaching the same full-on pigment as the bolder shades. I do find this with a fair few liquid lipstick formulas however, so it is nothing new. Once you build them up though, they look lovely, and remain comfortable, even with multiple layers.

This is probably one of my favourite formulas for liquid lipsticks; I struggle so much with dry lips, so rarely wear them. However, I now have another formula that I enjoy wearing.

If you can still find them, I’d definitely recommend grabbing them. They are a lovely, cheap lip product.

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.


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