So Many Palettes!

Hi everyone! How are you all today?

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a palette hoarder! Yeah, my collection was once a lot bigger, but it’s growing again. A lot of these palettes are ones that I enjoy using, but there are a few that may need to go on a journey soon to ensure the ones that I do like get the use that they deserve.

So this post isn’t a show-off post. I just wanted to show you guys the palettes that I own, and if there are any palettes that you would like me to incorporate into tutorials, let me know in the comments and I can create content that people will want to look at.

These are in no particular order; it’s just whichever order the WordPress gremlins decided to download the images.


I own two Jeffree Star palettes and I love them. His colour stories are so unique to him but they always work. I don’t have to reach for another palette to create a full look; he’s ensured that you have every shade that you’ll need to create a full eye look. And what I love about these is that the pans are huge, so you can use some of the shades for highlighting too. Out of the two, Blood Sugar is my favourite, just because I find it more wearable on a day-to-day basis, but I definitely get a lot of fun looks from Jawbreaker.


Morphe make some beautiful eyeshadow palettes, and I was gutted the day that Beauty Bay decided to stop stocking this brand. The Jaclyn Hill Palette is one that I reach for quite regularly, especially for that beautiful gold shade in the second row; it looks stunning on blue eyes! This is the one that has gone on a fair few holidays with me, and I never get sick of the looks that I can create from it. As for the Morphe 35O2, I do enjoy using it, but a lot of the brown mattes are the same. It’s a beautiful palette, and I love the shimmers, but with a 35 pan palette, I would have loved to see more variety in the mattes.


I do own quite few mini palettes, and frankly, these don’t get reached for often enough. They often get dwarfed by the larger palettes and hidden at the back. Out of my Younique Addiction Palettes, I love 1, 2, 3 and 4, but I’m not the biggest fans of 5 and the Anniversary palette. These two will probably go on a journey. I might see if some of my Bombshell mates want them in their collection, to see if they can show them some love.

I found this Bare Minerals palette in my Mam’s collection and thought that I’d try and use it. That was 3 months ago and I haven’t picked it up once. It looks such a pretty palette, and I might add this to an upcoming shop my stash post to try and show it some love.

The final mini palette is the Buxom Nudes palette. I use this one for work a lot. The shades are subtle but beautiful, and I really enjoy wearing it. This one is definitely staying.


Debenhams is one of my favourite shops at the Metro centre. There are so many makeup counters! It’s a makeup addict’s dream come true! The next three palettes are all ones that are available in Debenhams (or were). Kat Von D’s Saints and Sinners palette is gorgeous! There is a nice mix of neutrals and colour, so it is one that you could have a lot of fun with. However, I do find that I need to reach for other palettes to create a full look.

As for the Urban Decay On The Run palette, I do enjoy using this, I just haven’t reached for it a lot since I purchased the Natural Love palette. The colours are beautiful, and it will be a lovely one to reach for in the Autumn. In fact, I’m going to use this one tomorrow!

The Benefit Cheekleader palette is the only face palette that I own, and I love it. I love the matte bronzers for warming up my face, and the highlighter is a thing of beauty! It has become my favourite highlighter and I hope that Benefit release this as a single one day; it’s gorgeous!


I have two fill-your-own palette systems. One is my well-loved Younique 25 Palette, which could frankly do with a good clean. The other is an incomplete Inglot palette. However, in here, there is a mix of Inglot, Younique and Anastasia Beverly Hills single shadows. Honestly, this single palette is where the shades I don’t like go to die. I love the Inglot shades; they’re beautiful; it’s the others that I don’t like. They’re either shades that I don’t use or they don’t have the colour payoff that I’d like. I just haven’t ever gotten round to throwing them in the bin. Maybe I should, then I could get more Inglot shadows.


We’re almost there guys! I told you I had a fair few. Who’s counting them?

The next palette that I own is a very old Stila In The Moment Palette. This is really old, and I think that my Mam has been using this until she passed it back to me (my Mam is like me and easily gets bored of the same shadow look day in and day out). This probably should be binned now, but I might see how it performs on the eyes first, and if there are any issues, I’ll see it on it’s way.

The Ciate Chloe Morello Palette, has seen a bit of use over the last month, and I’ve finally decided that I don’t like it. There are other palettes out there that have similar shades that give better colour payoff. I love the nude shades, but the smoky greens are some of the worst ones that I’ve used. They’re just so unblendable and patchy. Definitely going to get rid of this.

As for Too Faced’s Natural Love Palette, you know how much I love this. It has quickly become my most used palette. It’s so lovely! I created a look book post a few days ago using this if you would like to see a variety of ways that you could use this palette.

The MAC cool neutrals palette is another lovely palette, but I am thinking about passing this on to my Mam. These are the sort of shades that she likes to use, and she’ll definitely get more use out of this than me. I can always pinch it back if there is a look that I want to do with it, but for now it’s going across the corridor to my Mam’s makeup bag.


Now, why do I own two Natural Lust palettes? Correction; why do I own two fake Natural Lust palettes. Basically I got conned twice online so I’ve paid quite a bit of money for two fakes. My mistake; I take full responsibility. I could have saved myself a lot of trouble by paying the money for the real palette off Debenhams’ website in the first place. So I have a real Natural Lust on the way. When they do, the cheaper of these fakes is going in the bin.


So that is my entire palette collection guys. If there are any palettes here that you would like to see a few looks using, let me know in the comments and I can get them posted.

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.


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