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The Most Expensive Palette That I’ve Ever Purchased!


Hi everyone, how are you today?

Why do I do this to myself? Why do I trust strangers online to tell me something is genuine?

I mentioned in my recent palettes collection post that I’d had quite an adventure getting hold of the Too Faced Natural Lust palette.

I have used the Natural Love palette and I am obsessed with the shades in that. It’s a lovely cooler toned palette, but not too cool toned that I’m completely out of my comfort zone. It’s an absolutely stunning palette.

When I saw pictures of Natural Lust, I knew that I would love this. It’s a warm-toned neutrals palette with pops of colour. Mine! However, it’s quite an expensive palette so I decided to try and buy it online. The first attempt cost me £10, and it was very obviously a fake. I bought it from the same place as my fake Natural Love so didn’t dare pop the shades on my eyes. No thank you!

So I went on Depop which is full of people selling lightly used makeup. I thought that I would be likely to get a genuine palette. Well, I found one that looked genuine (sometimes natural lighting doesn’t work in your favour) and paid £40 for it. The girl was lovely and sent it straight away. However when it came, it was quite obvious that I was looking at yet another fake.

It turned out that the person that I’d purchased it from had received this as a gift and took the person’s word that it was real. She was really apologetic and did offer me my money back. I have used this fake a couple of times, and it must be better made than the original fake because it actually applies quite nicely. So I have kept it. You’ll find out why in a minute.

So after two failed attempts at getting hold of Natural Lust, I decided to bite the bullet and go on Debenhams to purchase the real deal. So £102 down, I finally have the real Too Faced Natural Lust palette. Halelujah!

This is definitely the most expensive palette that I’ve ever bought!

There are some very obvious differences between the real palette and the fake. One being the packaging. The real palette is much glossier and has a 3D print effect on some of the areas of the packaging. It’s really pretty; one of the things you can guarantee with Too faced’s packaging is that it’s going to be beautiful! The fake looks similar but it is a flatter design and a dull bronze shade rather than glossy.


Now the reason that I’m keeping both palettes is because the shades are so different! They don’t even look like the same palette; the best one is Ball and Chain- they’re a completely different shade! There is a nice mixture of both mattes and shimmers, and frankly the fake isn’t too bad. The pigment in the shimmers is lovely, but the mattes are non-existent.

Top: Real/ Bottom: Fake- Sex Drive, Peacocking, Hot to Trot, Temptation, Ball and Chain

I can’t wait to use the real one more; it’s such a pretty palette and I’m going to have some fun creating some amazing looks that I can’t wait to share with you.

Have you ever purchased a fake?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.


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