Makeup of the Day

Who Did It Better?

Hi everyone, how are you today?

A few weeks ago I posted this look using my fake Natural Lust Palette.


I used the shade Such a Tease, then placed the shade On Fire in the centre to create a light effect halo eye. I think the look turned out really well, and I wanted to see how the palette would compare once I received the real palette.

Well, I finally received my real palette and as I’ve stated previously, the shades are so different, that they may as well be called different things. On Fire and Such a Tease aren’t even distant cousins. So in my comparison look, I compromised.


The shade on my eyes is actually On Fire (a more coppery foil shadow than in the fake). I did not need to add any shade to the centre, since this shade seems to reflect the light in a way to give the impression of numerous shades on my eyes.

Both palettes created beautiful looks, but I definitely prefer the pighment in the real palette; it was much more long-lasting and so easy to work with. I really had to pack on the pigment with the fake.

Which look is your favourite?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.


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