JS Liquid Lipstick: Fully Nude

Hi everyone! How are you today?

I have a new favourite liquid lipstick!

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to try these out, but I purchased two a few weeks ago from Beauty Bay.

Fully Nude was released as part of Jeffree Star’s Summer Jawbreaker collection, and costs £16; the same as his regular liquid lippies. I love the neon green packaging! For some reason my flash made it look yellow in the picture. Weird!

I’ve really been struggling with neutral shades since dying my hair darker. A lot of my paler neutrals make me look like a corpse. ‘Fully Nude’ does look quite light in the packagaing, and I did worry about corpse face, however this does apply quite dark but with a peachy undertone, which compliments your natural lip colour. It is so pretty!

I did worry about dryness, since a lot of liquid lipstick formulas don’t work with my delightfully dry lips, however Jeffree Star’s formula is amazing. It’s comfortable and dries down completely matte. I love it and I will be purchasing more shades on pay day!

So if you love this formula, let me know the shades that you like, and I may add them to my cart.

But for now, have a lovely day, and take care!

Bye for now!


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