First Impressions: Uoma ‘Say What?’ Foundation


Hi everyone, how are you today?

I have been wanting to try this since Tati’s review a few months ago. I even included this in my Wish List post last month. Well, I finally got round to purchasing it, along with two Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks, and a makeup bag….. yeah, I was a bit naughty!

The foundation cost me £29.50 on Beauty Bay, and I used their foundation guide to help me pick the correct shade. There are 6 Skin Kins in the range which the company state share similar characteristics, needs and reaction to the sun. Within these skin kins, you have your undertones: cool, neutral and warm. I went with Fair Lady T2N. It’s actually really easy to pick your shade, and this one is pretty much my perfect match.

Uoma describes their foundation as offering “long lasting, vibrant matte coverage. The hydrating formulas are infused with biomimicry pigments that thinks like your skin to minimise the look of pores, soften fines lines and create a flawless base.” 

With this in mind, I didn’t use a primer to see how the foundation would react to my skin. I did use a bit much, since the formula is really thin and water-like, however once on the skin it gives a full coverage. One pump would definitely be enough in the future! However once applied it did settle onto my skin and I didn’t notice any pores or fine lines creeping through the foundation as I applied the rest of my makeup. And unlike the Wet ‘n’ Wild foundation I tried recently, other products applied like a dream on top of this base. I couldn’t believe how lovely my bronzer applied!

I’m not used to matte foundations as in the past they have dried my skin out a bit, however I have had this on for 4 hours as the time of writing this, and I haven’t noticed any drying out or cracks in the skin. It looks amazing.

I did try this with natural light, as well as my selfie light, and I did notice a little bit of flashback using the selfie light, however it isn’t too noticeable. My skin still looks like skin; it just looks luminous.

I know that this is only a first impression, and I will be using this more in the future, but my initial impression is that I’m very impressed. On days were I want more of a matte finish, I will be reaching for this.

Have you tried this foundation? How did you find the shade match guide?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.


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