Trying New Drugstore Products


Hi everyone, how are you today?

Okay, I really wanted to buy some new makeup, and over the past few weeks, I have made a couple of purchases from Boots and Superdrug. Today, I wanted to put them all to the test and give some thoughts on everything.

Some items I have been using for a little while, and there is an old ride or die favourite from a few years ago here. Out of everything that I tried, there were definitely a few things that I liked more than others, but I will get to them in time.

ELF Poreless Putty Primer

I purchased this after watching a Jessica Baun video; I love her! She has such good tastes in drugstore makeup. This is such a weird texture for a primer, and when I initially tried it, I thought that I would hate it due to it feeling so thick. It felt like the thickest of night creams! However, I listened to the reviews and used a tiny amount at a time, and honestly, I like it. I use this around my nose and chin; the areas where my foundation dies quickest. As you know, I’m not really wearing primers at the moment, preferring moisturisers as my base, however on days where I want my foundation to last a bit longer, this is really good and does the job.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Photo Focus Foundation

I’ve heard so many great things about this from so many big American Youtubers. It cost me £5.99 in Boots and applied beautifully. I only needed a tiny amount to cover my entire face, and when it applied, it was almost a perfect match. Unfortunately, I don’t like it. This oxidised on me really bad and went a weird beige grey shade. I didn’t look healthy at all! I might try it again with a different primer as a base, just in case there were other factors involved to cause the weird shade change, but my initial impressions were pretty bad.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Focus Concealer

Just like the foundation, I really wasn’t impressed with the concealer. The wand was awful and didn’t spread the product very well. However, it did blend out well, so I might keep this just for spot concealing.

Revolution Pro Loose Translucent Face Powder

I love the applicator for this; the large R allows just the right amount of product out at a time. However, I’m still on the fence about the application. Some days, this really works well and looks amazing. On others; it gives me ghost face. As far as I’m aware, I’m not applying any more than what I normally would. It may be something to do with the brushes that I use, but I will keep using this and try and come up with an opinion.

Maybelline Brow Satin

This isn’t a new product to me; I must have went through about twenty of these over the years. It was really nice using this again, and it’s just as good as I remember.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Colour Icon Bronzer

Okay, this I actually like! The bronzer looks beautiful, but it’s really pigmented so I have to go easy with it, otherwise I get a muddy looking face. However once I learned how to apply it, I really enjoy using it.


Wet ‘n’ Wild Highlighting Powder

I feel really bad! This is another Wet n Wild product that I don’t like! This is very glittery and doesn’t look natural on my cheeks. I think that I’ll still with my Models Own highlighters.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Colour Icon Blush

I’m still on the fence with this. This is such a pigmented blush, and it can work against me to create a clown face. Even when I just lightly pat the brush into the product, it looks really dark. So, I’m not too keen on this, but I may keep trying to use it to see if I can get it to work.

Revolution Makeup Soph Lipstick: Cake

These are so creamy! This shade is a lovely natural shade that goes quite well with my darker hair. It didn’t last very long on my lips, but I wasn’t expecting it too, with this being as creamy as it was.

So those are some initial thoughts on some new drugstore purchases. I didn’t intend on this being a Wet ‘n’ Wild bashing post, but I really didn’t like the majority of the products that I tried. However, I reckon that I have found a few new favourites among these, and some older rediscoveries.

What new releases have you been enjoying lately?

Have a lovely day, and take care!


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