Warm-Toned Pinks Tutorial

Hi Everyone, how are you all today?

Yesterday, I decided to tidy up my makeup collection a bit and rearranged a few of my eyeshadow palettes. I can now see all of them at the front of the drawer, so none are getting missed out.

Today, I decided to reach for an old favourite, Jeffree Star’s Blood Sugar. I used to love this palette, and I’ve got some quite hefty dents in a lot of the shades. I normally reach for the gold tones and the pink shades, but today I went for the cranberry shades. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a cranberry smoky eye!


I started things off by buffing Tongue Pop in my crease. This shade is a lot warmer on my lid than it looks in the pan, so just be warned if you have fairer skin, this can look a little warmer. Slightly underneath Tongue Pop, I then buffed a mixture of Ouch and Intravenous, concentrating the latter on my outer eye. I also took these shades and smoked out my lower lash line.

On the lid, I first took the shade Blood Sugar and packed this onto the lid using my fingers. This has become my favourite way to apply shimmers lately. You appear to get a lot less fallout and it is easier to control. I did take a brush with a tiny amount of Cherry Soda to buff out any harsh edges though. To create a slight halo effect, I then used my finger to apply a tiny amount of Sweetener to the centre of my lid.

To highlight the brow bone and inner corner, I mixed Candy Floss and Sweetener. I also used Sweetener to highlight my cupid’s bow, just to do something different.

I then took Rimmel’s Kohl Liner to tight-line my eyes and I used a few layers of Bare Minerals Lashtopia Mascara to finish off the look.

To finish off my makeup, I applied a generous coat of Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick in Fully Nude. I’m still obsessed with this shade! It’s so pretty!


What palette have you rediscovered lately? Have a lovely day guys, and take care!


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