Current Everyday Makeup Layout

Hi Everyone, how are you today?

Since moving back home, my makeup is kept in little plastic drawers, and a lovely plastic upper container where I keep my everyday makeup.

Every month, since my collection is so big, I like to switch around my everyday makeup, to try and rediscover old loves and to prevent stagnation in my makeup looks. Today, I have made a few changes to what I’ve started keeping in some of the drawers, and I wanted to share that with you today.

Rebel Pop, Rapture, Jam On It, Audrey, Diva, Loaded, NSFW, Burkin Brown, Rose Pop, No Hesitation, Icon Pop, Nude Pop


Since my hair is a bit darker, I’ve had to have a think about what lipsticks I can wear now. Some of the paler shades that I loved as a blonde don’t really work too well now. So now I’m embracing a few darker, moodier shades to try and warm up my face a bit more. I do have a few nude shades here, but since it is winter, I have added a few more berries and darker reds to the mix. I’m really looking forward to playing with these a bit more.



I keep a few larger face items in the upper section. These are all base items such as primer and powder; believe me, I have tried fitting setting powder into the drawers; it’s a fraction too big! I am almost finished with the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, and that will be binned in a few days. I have been using the ELF Primer, but I use it mainly as moisturiser. It feels so soft and silky. It works so well with my Clinique Foundation. I do have the Uoma Say What foundation at hand too, but it’s too big to fit on the shelf at the moment. One day!


Brows, Eyes and Liner

These items rarely ever change. Once I find a mascara that I love, it will stay in the tray until it dries up. I love the Clinique Curling Mascara, and when it’s teamed up with a lash primer and kohl liner, my lashes look awesome!

As for brows, I love the combo of the Maybelline Brow Satin and revolution Pro Brow Mascara. They give me the best brow days of my life!


More Essentials

In this drawer, I keep everything that I will need to reach for on a daily basis, such as concealer, lip balm and liners. I also have a lid primer in here, just in case I fancy wearing it one day. I rarely do though.


The Singles Bar

Hands up if you rarely touch your single shadows since buying palettes! I am really guilty of this and I have some gorgeous single shadows in my collection. So instead of having a drawer simply for lip liners, I have placed a few single shadows to encourage me to show these shadows some love. I have picked shades that I can incorporate with palettes. I am really looking forward to using Nude beach again; it was the perfect eye highlight. It’s stunning!

Face Colour

One of my favourite drawers is my face colour drawer. I have bronzers, blush and highlighter in here; everything that would add definition back to my face. I have picked matte bronzers because I have loved them at the moment; the Wet n Wild one is gorgeous! As for blush, I have gone for more berry shades, including two of my favourite Younique blushers. As for highlighter, I am loving a more natural looking glow, so I have picked soft gold shades. The Maybelline Rose Gold is the most shimmery here!


Liquid Lipsticks

Since my super dry lips have been behaving lately, I am embracing more of a matte lip. I have picked some of my favourites such as the ABH and Jeffree Star ones. I also have a couple of lipstains and glosses which I want to use if my lips are a bit too dry for liquid lipsticks.

And that is everything in my everyday drawers at the moment. If you would like to know more about how I sort things out, let me know and I can add that into a post in the future.

Have a lovely day though guys, and take care.


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