Morphe x Jeffree Star Palette


Hi everyone, how are you today?

Thank you Boots for stocking Morphe!!!!! I was gutted the day that Beauty Bay said that they would no longer stock this brand. I love the 35O2 and Jaclyn Hill Palette, but I would never got hold of them otherwise. I refuse to pay customs prices to ship from America.

I think that I actually screamed when I saw that Boots would be stocking Morphe, but not only that, they would have Jeffree Star’s new collab. I love Jeffree Star! I love his videos and his makeup brand, and I had a feeling that this was coming when he created some makeup brushes last year. As soon as this launched, I ordered it.

So, this palette cost me £35 and it is smaller in size than I pictured. But I’m not complaining; it’ll fit into my makeup bag easier when I travel. In the palette you get 30 shades, and it looks so beautiful. There is a nice mix of mattes, shimmers and a gorgeous looking glitter. And looking at the colour story, you have everything to create a full look.

You could definitely use this if you were a neutral lover, but there are plenty of pops of colour to keep us adventurous types happy.


Welcome, Back, To, Me, Channel, Wand Noise


Lynn, 1985, Mogul, Self Made, Dog Mom, Honest Truth


Designer Label, Mr Diva, Boss Angeles, Pink Fleet, Calabasas, Don’t Know Her


Rolls with It, Millions, Girrrl, What’s the Tea?, Vroom Vroom, Custom Rims


Glam Rapids, Wake and Bake, Nate, Drive Thru, Hi Dude!, Fast Lane

Every colour swatches beautifully and I really couldn’t wait to apply this to my lids. And of course, I had to try that glittery shade Millions. It looks stunning!


I used Lynn to set my lids. Then in the crease I have blended out Back, Dr Diva and What’s the Tea?. I also blended these out along my lower lash line. On the lid, I first packed the shade Drive Thru to act as a base for the glitter- at this point I was expecting it to apply quite sheer so I wanted a base. How wrong I was! Millions has a glitter glue or some sticky substance infused with it to help it stick to the lid and it is so pigmented! I was a bit frightened about it not blending out with it having the stickiness. However with a stiffer blending brush, it was absolutely fine.

To finish off the look, I took Designer label and packed that in my inner corner, and I used Dog Mom on my brow bone.

I really liked the look, and I will be using it more often. I’ll try doing something more subtle next time. And I can’t wait to use that bright green shade!

What are your thoughts on this palette?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.


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