Younique Products I Still Enjoy

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Hi everyone! How are you today?

As some of you know, I used to sell Younique makeup through Facebook. However, being the makeup addict that I am, I didn’t really like being stuck using mainly one brand and stopped selling it. However, there are some items to this day, that I genuinely enjoy using and still use to this day. I would like to include a few other items on this list, but they’re currently not in my collection due to them running out and me wanting to give something else a try.

So here are a few products that I genuinely love from Younique.

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The lip products were some of the first items that I became obsessed with with the company. The Splash Liquid Lipsticks were one of the few liquid lip formulas that I could comfortably wear without drying my lips out. They are not your traditional dry-down, bulletproof formula, but I still love them. The colour selection is gorgeous, and I still reach for Sentimental quite regularly.

As for the Opulence Lipstick formula; they are gorgeous! I have so many shades in this collection. I still love Ambitious and Loaded. I find them so hydrating and they do last surprisingly well on the lips throughout the day for a traditional lip formula.

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Moving onto face products that I enjoy, it’ll come as no surprise that I adore the Beachfront Bronzer. This is the third one that I have bought, and it won’t be the last. It is a gorgeous shimmer bronzer, but doesn’t make me look like a glitter bomb. It’s so pretty and glowy in all the right ways. As for blush, I love both formulas of the powder blushers. I have two of the discontinued Mineral Pressed Blushes, and a few of the Pressed Blush formula. Both are gorgeous; richly pigmented but won’t make you look like a clown. They blend out like a dream. Plus, with a little going a long way, these will last forever.

Another product that I loved was the Touch a la Mode Powder Luminators. These were so subtle but beautiful. They created the illusion of glowy candlelit skin without the glitter. They are gorgeous. I’ve hit pan on mine, and I may repurchase this one in the future, or even a lighter shade ready for the Winter.

The final face product that I love is the Translucent Loose Setting Powder. This does such a good job as setting my makeup. It is so light that a little goes a long way. My last pot lasted 6 months, which is a long time for me and powder. I like to make sure things are locked in place!

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And we reach my favourite category….. eyes! I tried so many different eye products from Younique, and these are definitely my favourites. To begin, let’s make a quick mention to the Epic mascara. There is a reason why every Younique presenter raves about this. It is so good! Your lashes look longer and it isn’t a nightmare to remove at the end of the day; yes even the waterproof formula! I currently have the brown one for more natural days, but I’ve ordered so many of the other two shades in the past. It’s such an amazing mascara!

Staying on the topic of mascaras. I repurchased the Lash serum again in September to grow my lashes ready for Lynz’s wedding, and I forgot how good this is! One thing that you should know about me, is that I like to rub my eyes, which has caused my lashes to be a bit stumpy and tiny. When I started using this, I noticed a difference after just a week. It really helps, and my lashes looked awesome by the time the wedding arrived.

If you love a tiny pencil to draw in your lashes, you will love the brow pencil. It even comes with a spoolie to help you keep things in place. I have the medium shade, which is ideal for both blondes and brunettes; I always liked a slightly darker brow when I was blonde. The pencil is really easy to use, and helps create precise hair strokes.

The final product I wanted to mention is the Single Pressed Eyeshadows. These are such a gorgeous formula. They last all day and the shimmers are stunning! I still love to use Gentle as an inner corner highlight. It’s just so pretty.

So that is a few products that I still use from Younique. If you have tried any products from this company, what are your favourites.

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.


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