Garnier vs Nivea

Hi everyone, how are you today?

You guys know how much I love the Clinique Curling mascara. It gives such amazing results but there’s one thing that I hate about it….. how hard it is to remove! The rest of my makeup will come off no bother, but the mascara will cling to my lashes for dear life! It’s a giant pain in the ass!

For the past 6 months, I’ve been using the Nivea Oil Infused Micellar Water. It claims to remove all makeup and leave no greasy residue. It’s also supposed to remove waterproof makeup. Now I’ve never had any bother with it before, however two products are a nightmare to remove because of their staying power: Clinique’s Curling Mascara and Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipsticks.

I’m trying to get into a better routine of removing all of my makeup on an evening, so leaving little bits on my face doesn’t help with this! So now that my latest Nivea bottle is reaching emptiness, I decided to give something else a go, and do a little comparison.

The new product has similar claims; it’s the Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water. This one is for sensitive skin and claims to remove waterproof makeup gently.


I had just finished a shift at work, and their is a fair bit of makeup still left on my face for a change. I finally have some long-lasting makeup that stays on my face! I’, one of those people who can’t really be bothered to keep re-applying lipstick, so by 5pm, it was gone! But there’s still plenty to remove, including that stubborn mascara!


So the first one I’m putting to the test is my original favourite; Nivea Micellair remover. As you can see from the tissue, a lot of gunk came off my face, including a fair amount of mascara! I did have to scrub quite hard at my eyes to get that much off my eyes, and there was still a fair bit left on my eyes! I would normally go in with a second pad to get the rest. One thing I did notice was that my skin felt a little tight after using this, which is normal. I will be popping some moisturiser on afterwards.



Before moving onto the second pad, I used the Garnier remover on the left side of my face. I found that this gave me a deeper clean on my face and did an amazing job at removing the mascara. It just left a tiny bit on my lower lash line, but not as much as the Nivea one. I will be going in with a second pad to see if any product was left on my face, however this side feels a lot cleaner and less tight.


I did go in with a second pad saturated in the respective cleansers, and both pads did produce a bit more product. However, I would say that the Garnier cleanser removed more product the first time around. The second pad on the Nivea side showed that there was still gunk in my poor pores! Ew! However the major difference was that the Garnier Cleanser had managed to remove most of my mascara, only needing a tiny bit more to get rid of those last stubborn smudges.



Overall, there isn’t many differences between both cleansers, however my preference is definitely for the Garnier. I found it more moisturising and it gave my skin a much deeper cleanse.


What are your thoughts? And have you got any other good recommendations for cleansers that remove waterproof makeup?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care!


4 thoughts on “Garnier vs Nivea

  1. thank you for a great review. I don’t use make up as a rule, however we I do, the thing I hate is the constant cleaning off afterwards. I keep thinking I should have a make up remover, and I’ve now added the garnier product to the shopping list!

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