Even More Aaptiv Workouts that I Enjoy

Hi everyone, how are you today?

Over the past few months, I have continued to use Aaptiv and I am exploring a few of the other trainers, and listening to other users to see which sessions they enjoy too. I created a post listing five of my current favourite workouts on the app last month, and since you seemed to enjoy that post so much, I thought that I would do a little update.

I have been outdoor running a lot more lately, and I’m really enjoying it, so the majority of workouts here will be cardio based. One day, I will try the strength workouts, I promise!

Your Shot

Outdoor Running: Raj

I have never watched Hamilton or Dear Evan Hansen, but I’ve heard how popular they are. Quite a few people were raving about this workout on the Facebook group, so I decided to give it a shot (no pun intended). Well, this has made me want to watch both of these musicals because the songs are really inspiring. I actually found myself running further when I listened to them. I had such a good workout day when I listened to this.

Rockin but Not Walkin

Treadmill: Kenny

Honestly, Kenny is one of my favourite trainers. He is such a motivational speaker, and his own story is so inspiring. I’d really recommend following him on Instagram (@kendorphins). He has a gorgeous dog if that helps! I used this for an outdoor run, and adapted it to my own workout, but the songs he chooses for this one are amazing. It’s a very pop-rock mix. I love it!

Issa Recovery Vibe

Outdoor Running: Jaime

Jaime is another one of my favourite trainers. I love her positive outlook on life, and it shows in her workouts. The playlist in this workout is awesome, as always. There is a bit of body-strength workouts at 10-minute intervals, so I’d recommend not doing this anywhere too muddy!

Tell Yourself Goodnight

Meditation: Jade

I meditate before bed every night. This is another 50-minute one, but I love it. I really helps me fall asleep. You do need some sort of scented relaxing oils for this one. I have a camomile oil that I use, although Jade recommends Lavender. Just pick something calming. This is a very relaxing meditation.

Disco Speed Walk

Outdoor Running: John

John always cheers me up during his workouts. He is amazing! This one is no different; you can tell that this is a playlist that he actually enjoyed putting together. You do have some squats halfway through, which got me some confused looks in Rainton Meadows, which made me giggle. But hey, I did them, and I loved the workout. My legs didn’t, but they’ll thank me one day!

So those are 5 more Aaptiv workouts that I’m enjoying. If you use the app, let me know some that you enjoy, and I’ll give them a try.

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.


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