Blue Blood Review

Hi everyone, how are you today?

I hope that you’re enjoying Daily November so far. We’re just over 1 week in now. I can’t believe that I’m managing to do this after being a three post a week blogger for a fair while now! If you would like to read about anything in particular, please let me know, and I’ll try and fit it in. You never know, I might carry this on into December too! So let me know any of your ideas.

Today I wanted to review one of the newer palettes in my collection; Jeffree Star’s Blue Blood Palette. I do love a good blue eyeshadow, however I was unsure whether I would ever use a full-on 100% blue palette. Well, 40% off on Beauty Bay convinced me otherwise! Does anyone else get like that?


So for £33.60 I purchased Blue Blood. It usually retails at £47 on Beauty Bay. Like all of Jeffree Star’s palettes, it is a thing of beauty. The box looks like a coffin, and I look the little hatch on the side to keep it closed. It reminds me a lot of the Blood Sugar palette in design, but this one is clearly a lot stockier. Unlike Blood Sugar, this one is a lot easier to open; I still struggle to open the latter because it is such a tight seal around the edges!


As for inside the palette, you get a fair-sized mirror, which takes up a lot of space on the lid, which I love. And of course, the part that everyone wants to know about, the shadows. As always, the shadows take up as much space as possible; there is no wasted space in the palette! You get a good mix of mattes, shimmers and glitters. You could create an entire look here without needing to dip into another palette.

As the name suggests, this palette is not for neutral lovers. You get the odd neutral such as Cullinan, Wealthy, Celebrity Skin and Crystal Flesh, however the main colour story is made up of blue and turquoise shades. It is so beautiful to look at!

Cullinan, Mintea, Crystal Flesh, I’m Cold, Untouchable, Priceless
Power, Blue Blood, Deceased, Ice Tray, Blue Monday, Flourishing
Wealthy, Celebrity Skin, Entitled, Ocean Ice, Cremated, Undertaker

In The Secrets of the Beauty World by Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star states that he has perfected eyeshadow, and in a lot of ways I have to agree with him. His mattes usually blend out like a dream and his shimmers last all day. They are stunning! One of my favourite transition shades in this palette is Celebrity Skin; it’s gorgeous! However, some of the darker mattes are a struggle to blend. For example Ble Monday is a one that I really struggle with. It is a harder pan than the other mattes and it takes a fair amount of building up to blend out evenly.

Another shade that I struggled with was Ocean Ice. However, if built up slowly using a finger as an applicator, it goes on lovely. There is a fair amount of fallout with this shade, with it being a glitter, however it brushes away leaving no pigment on the skin. So apart from those two shades, the others are amazing.

This is really helping me start to play around more with the colour blue, and I’m looking forward to becoming more creative with this palette in the future.

What are your thoughts on this palette? Is it something that you would use? I honestly didn’t think that I would use it that often, but I have gravitated towards it quite a bit over the past few weeks. It’s so pretty!

Have a lovely day guys, and take care!


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