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Places I Enjoy Walking


Hi everyone, how are you today?

As most of you know, I have been really trying to lose weight over the past few months. I have now lost 2 stone so everything is moving in the right direction for me. I have lost the weight using a balance of weightwatchers and exercise. Now you guys know that I use Aaptiv religiously for my exercise, whether that is through the gym or doing something outdoors. However, one of the main things that I do is walk.

Walking to me has helped me lose weight; I always ensure that I hit my 10,000 steps when I can; but it is also a type of therapy. It helps me unwind and relax. Plus I get to explore my local area a lot more.

I have walked around so many different places in the North East over the past few months, but the following four, are definitely my favourites.


Tunstall Resevoir

Tunstall Resevoir is a lovely walk near the village of Wolsingham in County Durham. It is an easier walk, but there is a part where you are hidden under the trees that can be a little treacherous to ankles. The views are amazing, and there is a cute little picnic spot by the carpark if you did want to eat before heading home. Just beware of the killer ducks!


Rainton Meadows

This is probably my favourite place to walk out of all four of these places. It is stunning! It is wheelchair friendly and its perfect for dog-walkers and birdwatchers. Rainton Meadows is well maintained but it’s still wild enough to make you feel like you’re in the middle of the woods. There is an amazing coffee shop in their car park too. Their cake is amazing!


Beamish Museum

This is the only place that you need to pay to visit on this list. However, once you have your ticket you can access it as much as you want for an entire year! It’s worth every penny though. You can walk all the way around to each area, or you can get the tram around. Beamish is perfect to visit if you want to know some local history. Also, a lot of Catherine Cookson films were filmed here!


Beamish Woods

This is completely separate to Beamish Museum. There are some really easy paths to follow, but beware the paths can merge into the wilderness quite easily and I have gotten lost a few times! Thank God for local dog-walkers who have saved me from needing to live like a cave-person! If you do stick to the paths, there are some beautiful walks.

And those are my four favourite areas to go on walks. If you are from this area, where do you like to walk. Or let me know your favourites places near you.

Have a lovely day guys, and take care!


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