New Winter Base

Hi everyone, how are you?

Hands up if you are a combination skin gal/ guy. Honestly, my skin is a nightmare at times. One day it decides to be a greasy SOB, the other it’s as dry as the Sahara!

My skin is currently going through it’s Sahara period, and this will probably stay throughout Autumn and Winter. Joy!

Now, I do like wearing a matte base sometimes during the winter, but my drier skin makes this almost impossible. So it is time to change up my skincare.

You’ll hear every makeup artist worth their salt explain the importance of skincare in a beauty routine. If you don’t get your base right, it can effect everything that you layer on top of if.

I have been wearing my Uoma Say What? Foundation on it’s own for a few days now, but it really disagrees with my Smashbox primer. I’ve tried it on it’s own and that has it’s own set of issues.


As for skincare, since I really enjoyed the samples from a few months ago, I’ve treat myself to a full-sized Clinique iD Moisturiser. I got the Irritation serum add-on to help with any redness in my skin. The jelly formula of this moisturiser is so hydrating. It really helps any dry patches on my skin stay hydrated.

As for primer. I don’t really have issues with huge pores, so really I don’t need a poly-filler type primer. I decided to give the Nars Radiance Primer a go. This adds a tiny bit of shimmer to my skin, but it feels lovely and hasn’t irritated my skin in the few days that I have been wearing it.

But do these products work well with my uber-matte foundation?

The short answer is yes; they work really well. My skin feels hydrated at the foundation isn’t clinging to any dry patches in a noticeable way.

Fingers crossed it stays that way.

However, if anyone knows of any cheaper radiance primers that are really lovely, please let me know. I don’t want to fork out £30 everytime this runs out; as lovely a primer as it is!

Have a lovely day guys, and take care!


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