Alien Review

Hi everyone! How are you today?

Today I wanted to review my other Jeffree Star palette. I bought this one at the same time as Blue Blood during the Beauty Bay sale. Their colour stories are completely different and they both look gorgeous.

Like all of Jeffree’s palettes a lot has gone into the design of this palette. It is essentially a giant head of the stereotypical alien. And of course, with this being Jeffree Star, it’s bright pink! The eyes of the alien are a plushy type material, and it looks really cool. In comparison to Blue Blood and Jawbreaker, it does look a lot more basic.

Inside, you do get a mirror, although it is quite small and tricky to use compared to the other palettes. Alien is quite heavy and hard to hold in one hand. I tend to rest this on my desk and use my mini mirror when I use this.


As for the shadows, you get 18 shades and you get you usual mix of shimmer and matte shades. This is probably one of the more neutral palettes that I own by Jeffree. You do get the odd pops of colour such as Alien, Area 51 and Flying saucer, but the majority are more on the neutral side. It’s a great palette for someone who wants to play with tiny bits of colour, but keep the majority of their look neutral toned. For example, a look that I created recently used UFO on the lid and I popped a tiny bit on Alien in the inner corner and it looked amazing.

Pluto, Titan, Alien, Interstellar
Abduction, UFO, Gravitea, Martian Soil
Flying Saucer, Phone Home, Moon Rock, X-Files
Ghost OG, Area 51, Space Cowboy, Probe, Tall Grey, Black Hole

Every shade in here is an absolute dream to blend. There are no pans than are a struggle to blend out; even Black Hole is amazing. I love the shades Phone Home and Martian Soil in my crease, and I am obsessed with Alien in the inner corner. I actually created a look where I used this shade with Blue Blood and it looked amazing.

I can’t wait to experiment with this palette more. Jeffree Star has definitely perfected his eyeshadow formula and I can’t wait to see what he comes out with next. I’m sure that it will be amazing!

What are your thoughts on this palette?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.


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