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Message to WW Coaches


Hi everyone how are you?

Part of me doesn’t really want to write this post but I feel like I have to just in case anyone has a similar experience and felt like how I did at that moment. But I would like to add that this isn’t my usual experience with weightwatchers. The majority of the coaches are so supportive and amazing, but I feel like I should share this negative experience.

So the story begins a few weeks ago on my usual weigh-in day (Thursday morning) and our usual coach is on holiday. There’s someone else looking after her group today. I won’t share her name. Me and my Mam both felt like we had lost weight; I had just done my measurements and I had losses on my hips and waist. So yes, I was expecting a loss. My Mam was expecting to stay the same because of a weekend away; however she had still watched what she ate and drank.

When I got on the scales I had gained a pound. Yes, this shocked me. I have stuck to my points and always got a blue dot for my day. Well this delightful lady asked me why I had gained and I told her I don’t know. I got told “Look at your portion control. You are eating too much.” Woah!

First off, this is our first meeting. You don’t know me and you certainly don’t know my eating habits. I have been doing WW now for eight months… I reckon that I have portion control down! I didn’t feel supported and I really didn’t like this assumption. When I explained the fact that I know how to portion control and I always get my blue dot, I got fobbed off with an “I believe you.” And she went to weighing the next person.

Honestly I was really upset at how this had been dealt with. I stuck around to hear a few other people get weighed (all gains who got told about their portion control) and I left in tears.

My Mam followed me out. She had gained a lot and explained that everyone who she had spoken to had gained that week. It could possibly be her scales. However my Mam also had a nice little insight about her weight-gain, “You mustn’t have jumped back on the wagon after your weekend away.”

If you are a weightloss coach, whether it’s through weightwatchers, slimming world or any other plan, please do not make broad assumptions or opinions on your clients, especially if it’s the first time that you are meeting them. It comes across as rude, and upsets people.

When my anxiety was at it’s worst, this sort of thing could have prevented me going again. Maybe, I’m being over-dramatic, however if you knew that you had done everything right only to be told some random advise along with being accused of lying on your tracker, would you want to see that coach again? I doubt that you would.

Luckily this person isn’t my usual coach, and I hope that I never need to see this other woman again. My usual coach is the loveliest woman in the world and always has great advise. For my gain a few weeks ago she advised me that due to my exercise and inch loss, my body is changing shape which can cause a slight gain. I found that helpful, even though I was frustrated at the gain.

So fingers crossed I have a loss next week, along with the rest of my group!

Thanks for listening guys; apologies if this was a bit ranty. I just wanted to get things off my chest.

Have a lovely day guys.

Take care,


2 thoughts on “Message to WW Coaches

  1. That sucks! Sounds like she shouldn’t be doing that kind of role, like you say, that’s just shaming! It’s not like you pay Weight Watchers to be so mean! Surely one of the big draws is to have support from the leader? I’m so sorry to hear this woman had you in tears, you are doing incredibly well, keep going.

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