Conspiracy Palette Review


Hi everyone, how are you today?

It finally came!!!! After a five hour queue on launch day and a delay in shipping, I finally got my hands on the Shane Dawson collaboration with Jeffree Star. This is the Conspiracy Palette.

The palette cost £48 and the packaging is gorgeous. I love the pyramid shape and the sleek black design. The mirror is a decent size, like in all of Jeffree’s palettes. And inside the palette you have 18 shades of pure beauty.

It has been such a journey watching the series and seeing all the decisions that made this be an idea in Shane’s head, to a product that we can hold in our hands. I knew that this was coming out, and I saved my money just to get this one palette; I’ll get the Mini Controversy during the restock.

The are 18 shades in the palette, and there is a huge mixture of mattes, shimmers and metallics. At first glance, they don’t look like they would work together (the bright yellow, Food Videos, threw me off completely), however I saw a Youtuber describe the story as the top row being your everyday makeup looks, the middle being the fun party row, and the bottom row is your grungy, smoky row. I have had a play, and all the shades really work so well together. I have used this in my ACOTAR series last week.


Every shade swatches beautifully and they blend like butter on the eyes. Some of the darker shades do stain your eyelids slightly, but it’s not permanent!

Overall, I really love the palette, it’s possibly one of my favourite ones that Jeffree has launched, and I am really looking forward to using it more.

If you haven’t got your palette yet, I hope that you can get hold of it soon. And please don’t pay the extortionate prices that people are charging on EBay and Depop. This is not limited edition, Jeffree has stated that this will be a permanent palette in his lineup; it’s coming back. Don’t put money in some leech’s hand out of desperation to own this. Just wait until January for the restock, please.

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.


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