Top 5 JSC Liquid Lipsticks

Hi everyone, how are you today?

So, over the past few months, my Jeffree Star Cosmetics collection has grown considerably. I now have all the larger palettes, a few of the highlighters and a lot of the liquid lipsticks.

In relation to the liquid lipsticks, I have quite a few, and I have worn a shade pretty much every day throughout October and November, and there are definitely some shades that I wear more than others.

Today I wanted to share my five favourite shades. I do love all of the shades, but these are the ones that I find myself reaching for time and time again.

I’m not going to describe why I love them because this post could get very repetive. But the formula isn’t drying and lasts a fair few hours before needing a top-up. All five shades listed here are the ones that suit my skin-tone the best and always look super flattering.

Thick as Thieves



Fully Nude

Unicorn Blood

Apologies for the wonky-lip swatches. My lips aren’t in the best condition at the moment, and these were the best lip swatches that I could manage on dry lips. But every single liquid lip formula felt very hydrating.

Which is your favourite shade in the JSC Velour Liquid Lipstick line?

Have an amazing day, and take care everyone.


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