Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Vol 1 Review


Hi everyone, how are you today?

I just want to start off this post by saying, I finally got hold of this palette! Yes, I bought it off eBay, off someone who didn’t want it, and no I didn’t pay the astronomical prices that some of the leeches are charging. The girl I purchased this from charged me face value what she had paid, which was £50. I actually probably got it a tad cheaper because I didn’t have to pay taxes or shipping from America. But I did appreciate that she sold it for the price she paid, rather than try to make money from a sold out item.

I love to play with neutrals about as much as I love to play with colour, and I did attempt to get this on launch date, however it had sold out by the time that I woke up between night shifts.

I have watched Tati for years, and since she launched Halo Beauty, I have been waiting anxiously for her to create a makeup line, because let’s face it, she knows exactly what makes a good product, and she isn’t going to stick her name on a crap palette.


The palette itself is very beautiful; sleek and thin, with an amazing mirror. You could literally get away with taking just this palette on holiday, and you’d be sorted for a fair few gorgeous looks.

As for the shades, there are six different colour stories and four different shadow textures: Matte, Sequin, Metallic and Glitter. Each colour story is a different neutral tone, but you can definitely mix and match them to create different looks.


So is the formula any good? I have been trying this out for about a week now to really see what the formula was like.

The mattes are beautiful. They’re super creamy and blend out like a dream. You do get a bit of fallout, but the fallout doesn’t stain your cheeks, so don’t worry if you’re like me and prefer putting your face makeup on first. These mattes will not ruin your beautifully blended blush!

The sequin shades are really cool. They’re a semi-matte finish with hints of glitter in them. They are really pretty and once again blend out really well. You can’t always make out the glitter in them when they’re blended, but they’re all a shade darker than the matte tones (most of the time) so they make useful transitional tones.

The metallic shades are gorgeous! They are a very subtle shimmer and really help your eyelids pop. I love the Ritual Metallic; it’s a bronze tone that really suits blue eyes. If you do want a more intense pop, use your fingers or a wet brush. They apply a lot softer with a dry brush, but still look lovely.

And now for the main event; the Glitters! These are honestly stunning. I have no idea what Tati has used to mix these shades, but once these are on the lids, they do not budge! The best way to apply is with your finger; you get the most control. They are sticky, but dry down on the lids, so don’t worry about weird transferring to your brow-bone through the day; it’s not happening! These are some of the best glitters that I have ever used.


So it’s safe to say that I really like this palette, and it will probably be going with me to Spain in a few months time. It’s absolutely gorgeous. If you are wanting to buy it, I’m sure she’s working on a restock, as this would make a gorgeous palette for Christmas. Can you imagine that black glitter for a night out???

I’m starting to think that Youtuber brands are the ones to go with at the moment. Both Tati and Jeffree have brought out amazing palettes lately. They’re all that I actually use.

What were your thoughts on this palette?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.


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