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Revisiting Younique’s Touch Mineral Foundation

Hi everyone, how are you all today?

As some of you know, I used to be a Younique presenter earlier in the year. I no longer sell the makeup, but there are a few things that I continue to use as part of my everyday routine. One thing that didn’t stick around was the Younique Touch Mineral Foundation. From what I remembered, there was nothing really wrong with it, I just got a bit bored and wanted to try new things.

I came across my old bottle of foundation when decluttering the other day and thought that I would see if it was as good as I remembered without the bias of trying to sell it clouding my judgement.



I filmed myself popping this on since a few things did crop up when I was doing my makeup.

Initial application was absolutely fine. I applied it with my usual buffing brush and it had a lovely airbrushed finish to it. It also covered a huge blemish on my jawline (no idea where that little fucker came from). The issues came when I started layering things on top.

It wasn’t a major issue, and it was easily fixed, as you can see in the video. However when I started to blend out my concealer with my usual Real Techniques sponge, the concealer practically ripped the foundation off my skin, which has never happened before. I don’t know if this was the foundation’s fault or the concealer, however I haven’t found this when using this concealer with Uoma or Clinique. It was very weird! However, it was easily fixed with another layer of foundation and setting powder.

After applying everything else, I did find the foundation setting a little heavy to what I’m used to, but it wasn’t as heavy as some thicker foundations such as Estee Lauder’s Double Wear.

It still lasted a fair while on my skin through the day, and I still needed to remove a lot of it at the end of the day. I found that my skin wasn’t irritated and red after wearing it. I actually quite enjoyed wearing it again after so long. However, I do think that I have found better foundations on the market for my skin. There are some of my friends that swear by this, and that’s absolutely fine. We all have different preferences in our foundations.

Which product in your collection have you revisited lately?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.


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