Tati Beauty Blendiful

Hi everyone, how are you all today? Today, I am finally getting round to reviewing Tati Westbrook’s Blendiful tools. You can only get these on Tati’s website, and they retail for $18, and in each bundle you get a large and small fabric applicator. To ship it to the UK, it costs a further £9.95 plus tax, so it is a pricey item. However, if it works, I am willing to pay the price when it comes up to the time to replace it. The larger applicator is a very soft feeling material. It bends easily and there are no scratchy surfaces that might damage my skin when it comes to the time when I want to apply products to my face. The smaller one is firmer, however it still feels really soft.

As a massive user of brushes and blending sponges, a fabric applicator is a new concept for me, so I wanted to make sure I used this properly before I even attempted a review. Tati has brought out an amazing video, talking through her best tips to use the Blendiful with liquid and powder products. I did find this a massive help, so if you would like to use that too, here’s the link to her video.  The tutorial begins half-way through.

So using Tati’s tips, I used my large blendiful with my foundation, concealer and powder. I used my mini Blendiful with a cream highlighter. 


The foundation that I used was the Bare Minerals Bare Pro, which normally gives medium coverage. It is a very fluid foundation and can be built up really easily for more coverage. I put two squirts on the back of my hand, and did a combination of swiping and tapping as suggested on the video. This method covered half of my face beautifully. I did need a further two pumps to do my other side. Normally two pumps is enough for my entire face. This may just be down to my inexperience with this type of product, however I would assume that the type of material used may be quite absorbant and ket hold of the product more than a brush. However, this doesn’t really bother me that much. The foundation looked gorgeous on my skin; it looked airbrushed and flawless. It really blended out any of those dodgy areas that are usually a nuiscance, like my nose and chin. So far so good!

As for concealer (The Revlon Candid Concealer), I applied a little less than normal, and blended it out with the very tip of the Blendiful. Once again, the tool blended this out beautifully, leaving no weird streaks or uneven product. So far, everything looks very natural and non-cakey.

I turned the Blendiful over to the clean side for powder. As someone who is scared of baking, I was a bit nervous about using the Blendiful for setting powder. I use the Jeffree Star Magic Powder, which can be a little heavy if you over-use it. I applied a small amount to the tip of my Blendiful and pressed it lightly into the under-eye area. It didn’t cake up, and set the liquid products really well. Nothing felt heavy. 

After applying my bronzer and blush, I wanted to give the smaller Blendiful a go with a cream highlighter. I haven’t used the Smashbox LA Lights Highlighting Stick in ages. I warmed it up first on my hand, and picked a small bit up on the blendiful before pressing this into the skin on my cheekbones. It looked really natural and very pretty. Hopefully I’ll get a bit more use out of this product now that I can apply it seemlessly!

So overall, I’m really impressed with this tool. Yes, I do use a bit more product, but hopefully as I get used to the method, I’ll start using less product. My skin looks absolutely flawless; there are no weird streaks anywhere. And I promise you, all photos were taken in natural light, and I have used no face-tuning apps. These are the true results on my face. 

What were your experiences with the Blendiful? 

Have a lovely day guys, and take care!

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