Makeup of the Day: Mixing


Hi everyone! How are you this morning?

I featured this look on my Instagram a few weeks ago, so if you follow me over there too, this may look familiar. However, this is probably one of my favourite looks that I’ve created in a while, and it wasn’t done with just one palette or one lipstick.

For the past few months, I have loved mixing stuff. I haven’t just reached for one palette or one blush or lipstick. I’ve been creating my own concoctions, and I’ve loved getting creative in this way. It’s made makeup fun again. I no longer feel like I’m in that repetitive slog of doing the same thing day in and day out.

So here is my first written tutorial in a fair while (crikey, how long has it been since I’ve done a step-by-step guide for a look?). I hope you enjoy this little blast from the past.



To start things off, I primed my face using the gorgeous No7 Airbrush Away: Radiance Boosting Primer. This does have a subtle bit of glitter in it, but once foundation is on, you don’t notice it. It gives a lovely, healthy glow whilst hiding any noticeable pores.

For foundation, I have been loving the Bare Minerals Bare Pro Liquid Foundation, and I’ve continued to apply this using the Tati Beauty Blendiful to get a light, airbrushed finish. As for any blemishes and dark circles that have survived the foundation attack, I blended out a light layer of the Revlon Candid Concealer with the same Blendiful.

I set my under-eyes using a touch of Jeffree Star’s Magic Powder then warmed up a small amount of Smashbox’s LA Lights Cream Highlighter Stick in Hollywood and Highlight on my hand, and applied it to the tops of my cheekbones using the mini-Blendiful. After this, I set the rest of my face.

To add a touch of colour back to my face, I buffed a generous layer of Younique’s Beachfront Bronzer in Sunset in my usual figure of 3 shape, concentrating it mainly on my cheeks and jawline. I did bring it down my neck, to try and warm me up a bit too! Honestly, I’m so pale at the moment! For blush, I applied the shade Peachy Keen from Bare Minerals’ Gen Nude collection directly over my blush on my cheeks. To enhance the highlight already there, I then dusted a light layer of Bare Minerals’ Endless Glow Highlighter in Joy over my cheekbones.

So that’s the base done, time to move onto the eyes!



I’ve been keeping my brows really simple at the moment. I’ve been back-coming them with the Revolution Pro Brow Mascara, them brushing them into place with the same product. This fills them in so well and they look nice and groomed. It’s so quick and simple!

As for something not so quick and simple…. eyeshadow! I’ve said on numerous occasions that eyeshadow is my favourite step in my routine; it’s the thing that changes the most on a daily basis.

I used two palettes in this look: Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson’s Mini Controversy and the Conspiracy Palette. I do chop and change with these palettes, so to save my fingers, let’s just call Mini-Controversy MC, and Conspiracy C.

To set my eyelids I took the shade My Pills (C), and pressed this all the way up to my brows. In the crease, I then blended out the shade Diet Root Beer (C), building up the colour slowly in the crease. Slightly under this shade, I then blended out the shade Controvery (MC), making sure it merged into Diet Root Beer; I didn’t want any harsh lines! To deepen the outer portion of my eye, I then took the shade Not a Fact (C) and concentrated the blend on the outer corner, but did bring this into the rest of my eye and lower lash line. It’s just such a pretty plum shade. On the lid, I then pressed the shade The Simulation (MC) using my finger, and built up this colour really slowly; in the past, this does have a lot of fallout, so I didn’t want to create a hot mess. I then took a tiny fluffy brush and blended out the harsher edges from the shade.

In the inner corner of my eye, I used the shade Diet Cola (C). This is the first time that I have used this silver as an inner corner highlight and it is gorgeous! On my lower lash line, I then blended the shade Illuminatea (C) into the plum shade to darken it even further. On my brow bone, I blended out a tiny amount of My Boyfriend’s Purse (MC).

For mascara, I first used my Smashbox Photo Finish Lash Primer on my upper lashes, then applied a few coats of Revlon’s So Fierce Mascara. I am not the biggest fan of this mascara; I have to wipe the wand down each time to prevent a massive clumpage on my lashes. It’s just such a wet formula. But it’s there, so I’ll use it. For my lower lash line, I have started using the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara.



As for lips, I have been mixing my own Jeffree Star Concoctions for ages now. His colour range is amazing, but I love creating my own. For this one I used three Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks in the shades Jeffree What the Fuck, Are You Filming and Chrysanthemum.

I loved the shade that they created. It looks a bit like his shade Watermelon Soda, but just a tad darker.


And that is my entire look using a mixture of products. Honestly guys, if you are in a makeup rut, try mixing some products that you really love and see what you come up with. It’s a really fun way to get creative.

Have a lovely day guys, and take care!


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