Comparing Jaclyn Hill’s Morphe Palettes

Hi everyone! How are you today?

One of my most used palettes back in the day was Jaclyn Hill’s original Morphe palette. These days, it is looking a bit sorry for itself and some of the shades are not performing the way they used to; particularly the darker mattes. So I recently replaced it with a fresh one.


Jaclyn and Morphe released their newest collaboration earlier in the month. Since I enjoyed the original palette so much, I wanted to get hold of this one too. And why not do a little comparison once I’ve used it a few times?


So both palettes cost £37 and have 35 shades. Morphe must have changed the packaging on the original palette recently, and now they match, which is pretty cool. They now also both have the shade names under the shade, which I really do enjoy.

At a glance, both palettes look very different. Volume 1 appears to be more neutral and wearable. Yeah, it has the odd pop of colour, but the majority of the palette is neutral. It also has a cooler toned vibe to it. Volume 2 also has a fair few neutral tones, and is a wearable palette. However, there are more pinks, reds and purple shades. It’s also a more warm toned palette. Both palettes look stunning.

As for the quality in shades, Jaclyn stated that she created her own unique formula to Morphe’s normal formula. The mattes are really creamy and blend out like a dream on the eyelids. The red shade in Volume 2 is beautiful! I didn’t struggle to blend and it didn’t apply patchy on my lids. There are more shimmers in Volume 1, and they are really rich. The Volume 2 shimmers are beautiful too, but they apply a lot softer and some of them are more shadow toppers than pure shimmer shades. But I have enjoyed wearing all of them.

Between the two palettes, I can create numerous looks, and I am thinking of taking both of them on holiday with me in a few weeks. And at the moment, I can’t choose which one I prefer more; I love them both.

Which one would you choose? Or have you got your eyes on any other new launches?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care!


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