A Well Needed Haul

Hi everyone, how are you today? I hope that you’re all doing well.

It has been so long since I splurged on a fair few new items in one go. And honestly, it felt fucking awesome! I have missed spending my hard earned cash on things that I really enjoy; one of those things being playing with makeup.

So payday came along, and I took a little trip to the Metro Centre (aka heaven on earth) and treat myself. And today I wanted to share the things I purchased with you guys.


There is a fair mix of higher end products, as well as the odd drugstore purchase; Superdrug had their dreaded 3 for 2 offer on!

Benefit Roller Lash

I finally decided to get my eyebrows waxed and tinted ready for my holiday (they were getting a bit crazy), and because I will be needing a new mascara shortly, I splurged on an old favourite and got the Roller Lash. This did come in a set with a travel sized one, which my Mam has claimed. She likes to keep the travel-sizes in her purse. Roller Lash is her ride or die mascara; she always asks for a new one for her birthday and Christmas. I haven’t opened this yes; I’m saving mine for my holiday in a few weeks.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

This one was a complete splurge! Yes, I could probably just get another drugstore concealer, however I really really wanted to try this again. I used to love it when I went through a bit of a Nars phase, and frankly when I got myself into debt, I couldn’t afford it anymore. However, my finances are in a much better state now, and Debenhams has a 15% offer on. I have used it once or twice since purchase and yes, it is as good as I remember.

Bare Minerals Lip Gloss Trio

Good grief, TK Max really needs to stop getting amazing makeup in! It rains havoc on my bank account! I love the Gen Nude collection from Bare Minerals. By the packaging, this looked like it was from the Christmas collection a few years ago, However products were still sealed so nothing was in danger of being off. In it there are three Gen Nude lip products; I think two are glosses and one is a lacquer. They are all beautiful, warm-toned nudes. And one of the shades in Heartbreaker, which I received in PR a few years ago and I actually used up. It’s nice to have it back in my collection again.

Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation

Okay, I originally wanted to get my Bare Minerals foundation in my Summer shade, however I didn’t find the service that great so I decided to grab something new. I’ve heard good things about this foundation and the girl in House of Fraser was super helpful. The packaging of the is quite weird, but it’s nice and thin so shouldn’t take up too much space in my bag.


Urban Decay All Nighter Primer

I bought this from the same girl as the foundation. My No7 primer ran out the other day, so it really was time to try something different. This sounds right up my street; it’s a nice and tacky base but helps hydrate the skin. It’s just what I want. I don’t really have heavy pores, I just want something to help my foundation last. I’ve used it once so far, and I do like it.

Revolution Pro Brow Mascara

Yes, this was a repurchase! I love this so much; it’s ideal for someone who can’t be bothered with all the pomades and powders, but still wants fuller looking brows. That’s all that I’ll say about this, you guys know how much I love this brow product!

Revolution Shadow Base

Honestly, this was the most evil packaging to open! Some genius had wrapped the easy open protector in another layer of plastic which was an absolute bitch to remove! When I eventually removed it, this feels a very weird product. It’s very sticky, but it’s also thin and watery. It’s probably what I need to help my shadows last as I don’t like adding too much texture on the eyes, and I’m willing to give it a try.

L’Oreal Rouge Signature Liquid Lipstick: I Don’t

Okay, I have had my eye on this shade for so long! It’s a stunning orangey bright red. It’s perfect for holidays. This will be one of the shades that I’ll be taking to Spain with me. It’s so pretty! Hopefully the formula hasn’t changed since I bought the original ones.


Barry M Nail Paint: Butterscotch

I really fancied a new nail polish, and I am loving mustardy-yellow tones at the moment. Like all Barry M polishes, this dries really quick and builds up easily. I might take this on holiday, I’m not sure yet.

And luckily for my debit card, that is everything! What items in my little haul have you tried? Is there anything that you enjoyed using? Do let me know, please.

Have a lovely day and take care!

Bye for now.

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