Look Book

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Volume 2 Look Book

Hi everyone! How are you today?

I have been experimenting with Jaclyn’s new palette for a few weeks now, and the shades in it are so beautiful; it’s encouraged me to play again, and get creative.

Today I wanted to share 4 of my favourite looks created with the palette so far. I have tried to use as many of the shades as possible, and hopefully none of these looks are too similar to each other.

I hope that you like them.


Shades Used:

Base: Certified

Crease: Positivi-tea, Livin’ my Best

Lid: Empowered

Highlight: Ride or Diamonds

Lower Lash-line: Crazy, Livin’ my Best


Shades Used:

Base: Certified

Crease: Thick Skin, Homebody


Highlight: Taliya

Lower Lash-line: Grateful


Shades Used:

Base: Certified

Crease: Lolli Mamma, Stay True, Not My Journey

Lid: Not My Journey, Good Place

Highlight: No Joke

Lower Lash-line: Feelin’ Myself, Next, Grateful

Liner: Temptress


Shades Used:

Base: Certified

Crease: No Joke, Tipsy Girl, Livin’ my Best

Lid: G-Money, Boujee

Highlight: I’m in It

Lower Lash-line: Oh Hello, Crazy, Stay True, Love Handles


Shades Used:

Base: Certified

Crease: Feelin’ Myself, My Man, Positivi-tea

Lid: My Man, Flawed and Awed

Highlight: No Joke, Taliya

Lower Lash-line: My Man, Homebody

I hope this gives you guys some ways that you can use some of the brighter shades in Jaclyn’s new palette. These were all looks that I wore during the day.

Have a lovely day, and take care!


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