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What I was Going to Take to Spain with me

Hi everyone, how are you today?

By the time that this post goes live, I’ll already be in Malaga enjoying a few cocktails with my Mam. However, I thought that I would get into the holiday spirit and share some of the products that I’m taking with me.

Then came the Coronovirus and fucked everything up! Luckily, I wasn’t in the air when shit hit the fan. Me and my Mam got the call 20 hours before we were due to leave, telling us that all flights in and out of Spain are now cancelled. We were two of thousands of disappointed people.

I promise you, that this post is the only time that I will ever mention the Coronovirus. Hopefully me and mam will get another holiday once the world calms down, but for now, I didn’t want this post to go to waste, and thought that I’d share the items that would have gone to Malaga with me.

Jeffree Star Rose Gold Makeup Bag
ABH Riviera Palette
Base Products!
Just a few mascaras and liners!
Should I have packed more lipsticks?
Bronzers, Blush and Highlighter

If you did have a holiday booked this week, I’m sorry if it got cancelled too. Fingers crossed that everything returns to normal soon and we can all share a cocktail or three by the beach in a few months.

Take care everyone, and stay safe.

Bye for now!

3 thoughts on “What I was Going to Take to Spain with me

  1. I don’t go away until mid August, fingers crossed, and im already changing my makeup bag weekly lol, as long as I have my fixing spray and mascara Im happy ( well sort of lol), although I do have to blame the amount of makeup I have this year on beauty bay, they just had to many sales, hope you get away at some point this year.

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