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Camouflaging Irritated Skin

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all okay. As a lot of you know, my Mam and I were due to go to Spain a few weeks ago. Due to COV-19 getting out of hand in a few European countries, the flight got cancelled. Luckily, we got our money back.

Instead of going abroad we decided to book a spa day at Centre Parcs. We’ve been here loads of times in the past; the steam rooms are amazing and the treatments are fantastic. I tend to get a facial and massage.

Now in the past, I have had quite sensitive skin, and some ingredients irritate it. However, I’ve been absolutely fine for almost a year now. My skin seemed to be growing up (either that or I was avoiding ingredients that my skin didn’t like; which I have no idea what these are).

During the treatments there were no issues. My skin looked absolutely normal and I came out very relaxed. Honestly, I love a good massage. It wasn’t until a day later that I noticed an issue. I had a chicken-pox looking rash all over my chest and neck. My skin seemed to dry out really quickly. And we later found that the rash was on my back too. I had no other symptoms for measles or chicken-pox and my only other theory was that I was allergic to the massage oil. The only areas with the rash were my neck, chest and shoulders. The rash didn’t spread beyond my chin luckily.

These things happen during treatments, so I’m not mad with Centre Parcs or the spa. Irritation happens when you use any product that you’re not used to, and it only takes one ingredient that your skin doesn’t like to cause irritation. I know from experience that the rash will last a few days and then go. But for now, I’m camouflaging it as best I can.


I have kept my face makeup quite minimal, concentrating more colour on my lips or eyes to try and draw attention away from the bumpy skin.

As for base, I have avoided products that I am not used to, keeping up with products that my skin is familiar with. Today I used the Urban Decay All Nighter Primer with the Stay Naked Foundation. Both are quite moisturising and covered the redness really well. For anything that did peep through, I concealed using tiny amounts of the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I set everything using Jeffree Star Cosmetic’s Magic Powder, and spritzing everything with Urban Decay’s All Nighter Spray.

This will be the routine that I’ll use until the irritation clears up.

Have a lovely day guys, and if you’ve got any tips for clearing this up quickly, please let me know.

Take care!


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