Warm Weather Essentials

Hi everyone! How are you? I hope everyone is staying safe and haven’t committed any murders whilst in quarantine.

I know that it’s so tricky to stay in side during the day when the weather is absolutely gorgeous, however, in the UK we are only allowed one hour on outdoor exercise to enjoy it. The rest of the time, you need to stay at home. If you have a garden, go and enjoy it out there!

I have had to make a changes to my makeup routine due to the weather. My usual higher coverage products are melting off my skin! So, it’s time to dive into my makeup archive and start using my Summer makeup.


When the weather gets warmer, the joyful allergy known as hayfever starts to effect my eyes. So to prevent myself looking like a panda, I’ve had to buy a waterproof mascara. Yes, Epic is back in my life, and I have missed it. I’ve been using it now for 2 weeks and I really like how my lashes are looking. I may need to do a mascara-off post some time in the future.

As for base, my Uoma and Urban Decay foundations cannot cope with the weather- they seem to be melting off my skin and look really weird. Bare Minerals complexion Rescue is very light coverage, and teamed up with a light concealer, my skin looks really fresh and glowy. I have stepped away from thicker primers too, opting for liquidy ones such as the Max Factor Miracle Prep. This adds hydration to my skin and acts as a tacky base for my foundation. It doesn’t help longevity, but that’s not really my biggest concern in the Summer.

As for lippy, nothing much changes, but I like my lips to stay hydrated. My skin dries out something terrible in the Summer. As much as I love Jeffree Star’s formula, I have recently been trying a few more Flower Beauty Liquid Lipsticks and find them really comfortable to wear.

What sort of products do you guys reach for in the Summer?

Have a lovely day guys, and stay safe.


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